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Week 4 of Gifts: the Fitness Junkie

I’m offering my Holiday Gift Guides in a different format this year: each week will have it’s own theme and every day a new item will be featured, totaling 7 gift ideas by the end of the week. The items will vary in prices so you will have options, no matter what your budget is.

If you are looking for more traditional gift guides, I have some if you are shopping for: stocking stuffers, the guy(s) in your life, someone who is always hosting, or someone who loves to be cozy.

If you are shopping for a Homebody or someone who could use some Self-Care Time, or the Foodie in your life, check out this year’s recent Gift Guides.


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1. ClassPass Gift Card: I thought this was SO cool. Are you guys familiar with ClassPass? It’s basically allows you a “membership” to access classes at a variety of gyms without having to commit to just ONE gym! So cool, right? By gifting someone with a ClassPass gift card, they then have the opportunity to try out that hot yoga, spin, or kickboxing class (or whatever activity) that they’ve been interested in! I love the idea of being able to try out a variety of activities without having to fully commit to a month or whatever most places require OR it can be used to mix up a workout schedule so that your exercise doesn’t become mundane. Genius!

2. FloBody Gym: Okay, I am totally down for an all-in-one situation and this workout mat has it all! I love that it’s fairly compact (weighing a total of 10 lbs) so you could travel with it and just unroll your own gym to complete a workout in basically any space for a gym experience without the monthly fees (or judging eyes). This set comes with: a body bar, removable weights, resistance bands, handles, and foot and hand straps that allow you to get the boutique studio treatment whenever you want!

3. Fitbit Aria Scale: I think that this technology is so cool! I have had great success with Fitbit products, and love that they integrate with many other apps (such as Noom and WeightWatchers). It’s so cool that the scale will sync with your Activity Tracker as well as their app for a well-rounded tracking view for someone on their way to achieving optimal health and wellness. While I try not to focus on what a scale says (focusing instead on how strong I am feeling and the way that my clothes are fitting), it does add another measurement of progress which can be super helpful for someone on their fitness journey. I am secretly hoping that our existing scale bites the dust so that we can upgrade to this one! 😂

4. Dagne Dover Gym Bag: Every gym rat (or occasional gym-visitor 😉) needs a quality gym bag. This one looks absolutely perfect in size and number of storage pockets… it even comes in a range of beautiful colors. Upgrade your loved one from their Trader Joe’s tote to a legit gym bag! 😉

5. Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch: I love my Fitbit! I bought my particular model because I wanted: (1) a display / band with a slim profile, (2) a more accurate count of my steps than what my phone was counting (always so wildly off! how?!), and (3) one that offered an interchangeable wristband that I could easily mix & match to my outfits (making it wearable in just about every non-formal situation). I initially only cared about counting steps and calories, but the more I see of the full functionalities of the true fitness tracker the more intrigued I am about an upgrade! I love the Fitbit brand and think that this would make an incredible gift.

6. Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants: These blew.my.mind. 🤯 These incredible yoga pants have embedded sensors to help to align you into perfect formation with vibration and audio guides. I can’t imagine a better gift for the yogi in your life.

7. The Mirror: Okay – MAJOR splurge gift suggestion here, but if it’s a present for your partner you’ll probably get some use out of it, so really… it’s a gift for you too 😉. This mirror is essentially a home workout class (either live or pre-recorded!) on a reflective monitor that allows you to see yourself in order to correctly mimic the motions being made by an instructor. Such an innovative piece of technology! Each Mirror purchase comes with a free Starter Pack, which includes Mirror fitness bands and a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, as well as a free Care Kit (complete with a Mirror cleaner and cloth and a camera lens cap for privacy). You control your Mirror by using the MIRROR companion app on your iOS or Android device. Through the app you can pair your accessories, pick your music, customize your workouts, track your progress, etc. I know that this is a BIG TICKET item, but it sounds like an ultra convenient way to get a workout in at home. The company should be running sales throughout the holiday season (back on 11/21 they were offering $367 off of a Mirror purchase with a special coupon code, so I imagine they will have more ongoing sales throughout December).


Happy shopping!

xx, Natalie




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