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Week 5 of Gifts: the Jetsetter

I’m offering my Holiday Gift Guides in a different format this year: each week will have it’s own theme and every day a new item will be featured, totaling 7 gift ideas by the end of the week. The items will vary in prices so you will have options, no matter what your budget is.

If you are looking for more traditional gift guides, I have some if you are shopping for: stocking stuffers, the guy(s) in your life, the fitness junkie, someone who is always hosting, or someone who loves to be cozy.


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29. Cocktail Kit: These are such great stocking stuffers! Our favorites are the Moscow Mule and Champagne Cocktail, but all of the kits sound like delightful ways to spruce up one of the standard in-flight beverages.

30. S’well Bottle (Hers / His): I can never drink enough water, especially when traveling. I find that I am always SO thirsty while on an airplane and the airline attendants rarely come around as often as I’d like (not their fault… it’s just a big plane with a lot of people to care for!). Because of this, I like to have my own water supply to supplement between drink cart visits. Typically, my water of choice is SmartWater (I love the large bottles and the way that the water tastes!), but I know that plastic is a big contributor to all of the damage we’re doing to the earth so I try to bring a reusable water bottle or insulated cup whenever reasonable. S’well bottles are as functional as they are stylish – there’s a size/color/finish for everyone! I personally love the models with screw-on lids for travel (no spills!).

31. Slip Sleep Mask: I LOVE this eye mask. I’ve used it on just about every long (or overnight) flight I’ve taken in a past couple of years and I can’t say enough nice things about it. It stays put on your face but doesn’t put a ton of pressure on your eyelids; the outside silk material is so delightful on your skin and the puffy part inside feels like a cloud on your face. One of the best parts is that silk is naturally anti-bacterial, so it won’t encourage any breakouts! #winning all-around! There are a few colors to choose from and would be a great gift for anyone who prefers their shut-eye to happen in total darkness.

32. Mejuri Travel Case: The most compact (yet spacious) little case to keep jewelry secure and from getting tangled in your bag by placing everything neatly inside. There’s a place for everything! It’s small enough to fit into any bag, but large enough to carry a decent number of baubles. A great little case for the jewelry-loving jetsetter. 😊

33. Cuyana Travel Case Set: When I travel, I am all about max organization! The less time I have to spend searching for something is more time that I can spend on an adventure. This beautiful pair of bags is sure to keep you organized (and stylish while doing it)! I think that both sizes are just perfect, especially for items like: toiletry minis, makeup, makeup brushes, feminine products, or even for tech products (AirPods, charging cables, backup chargers, etc.). One of the best parts of these bags is that they are offered in multiple colorways that would suit any color preference or gender.

34. Away Carry-On Luggage: I will forever and ever be a fan of duffle bags as my preferred luggage for traveling (more on that another time), BUT if I ever had to switch to a roller bag I’d go with this brand. At first glance, it’s definitely more stylish than the average hard sided carry-on and offered in multiple color options (standing out from the mass of black bags on every luggage carousel), but it also has many other awesome features, such as coming equipped with “a battery that can charge your phone up to 4x, complies with all airline policies, is TSA-approved, and safe to fly with”. I mean… where do I sign up!? This would be such a thoughtful gift for newlyweds, recent college graduates (or a student staying abroad for a semester), or just for someone in your life that has the Travel Bug!

35. Bose Headphones: Ever since I “went wireless” with my AirPods purchase, I just can’t go back to being chained to my device. These headphones take that wireless listening a step further with excellent sound, a white noise cancelling feature, and ear-surrounding comfort (instead of having the “bud” jammed into your ear canal); after all, Bose is the name that you trust in audio. These headphones would be an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music/podcasts/movies in peace, traveler or not… but they would be ideal for any jetsetter.


Happy shopping!

xx, Natalie



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