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Christmas Gift Guide: For The Guys

1. Large Candy Bento Box: I can’t get enough of Sugarfina… they make such delicious treats and package everything so beautifully! When I saw this bento box with a collection of cocktail-themed sweets, I knew they would be a perfect gift during the holidays! The box includes: Single Malt Scotch Cordials, Maple Bourbon Caramels, Bourbon Bears®, Martini Olive Almonds, Cuba Libre®, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews, Pale Ale Pints, and Chocolate Bacon Pretzels (also comes in a non-alcoholic version!). This would be a great gift for someone who has everything (including a sweet tooth 😉).

2. Yeti Rambler Tumbler: If you caught my Christmas Wishlist last week, you saw that I had a Yeti mug on it. I bought one for my husband last Christmas and he uses it ALL. THE. TIME. I borrow it sometimes and finally decided that I need my own! Lol It really does work as advertised — the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages either piping hot or icy cold! The tumbler that I linked is the largest (30oz) size, but it comes in multiple sizes. I can’t recommend this product enough!

3. Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket: My husband’s all-time favorite brand is Filson. Luckily, their headquarters and flagship stores are here in Seattle (where the company began) so we are lucky enough to have direct access to their products. This classic Filson design was patented in 1914 and they have been making them ever since – for good reason! My husband loves this particular jacket style because they not only keep him warm when the temperature drops, but the wool is naturally water-repellant so it’s perfect for Seattle living (or really anywhere that it rains or snows in colder months)! Filson products are meant to last so even though the pricepoint may seem a little high, the quality of each piece is incredible and can be passed down from generation to generation.

4. Apple AirPods: This products also made my Christmas Wishlist, but I know my husband would totally benefit from a pair as well. With his job, he is frequently taking phone calls even when he is away from his desk and the cord to his current earbuds is perpetually tangled from being in his briefcase… the cordless AirPods would be such a benefit to him. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the AirPods have an amazing battery life of their own of up to 5 hours and an additional 3 hours after being stored in their charging case for only 15 minutes! What a time to be alive…

5. Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket: This item is in heavy rotation in my husband’s wardrobe and he absolutely swears by it. The waxed cotton is an “old-school” rain-repellant material, but works just as effectively as modern materials (but unlike modern materials that eventually lose their moisture resistance, the tin cloth can be re-waxed over and over again)! This jacket makes a great outside layering piece and will keep its owner warm and dry for decades to come.

6. Travel Cocktail Kit: For the traveling man – this little kit includes a recipe card, mini bar spoon, a 1/5 oz jigger, small-batch ginger syrup and a tiny linen coaster… just enough to make two in-flight Moscow Mule cocktails! All that’s needed to complete the beverages are little bottles of vodka and club soda!

7. Wool-Lined Gloves: A tried-and-true favorite. The durable leather exterior is lined with soft, moisture-wicking merino wool and it also has an elastic wrist to keep heat inside each glove. These gloves will last year after year to keep his hands warm.

8. Cashmere Beanie: This hat is a J.Crew bestseller! And really, who would turn down a soft and cozy cashmere beanie? It’s such an easy way to add another level of warmth without adding bulk to an outfit.

9. Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots: I am fairly certain that my husband has an addiction to these shoes… he has them in like 5 colors!! They are designed with a double-layered toe to protect feet and the leather upper is water, stain, and perspiration resistant! If you need another reason to choose Red Wing, I want to let you know that they offer shoe repair services so that your man’s pair of shoes can survive after receiving a little (or a lot of) TLC. My husband and I are big believers in repairing clothing items and shoes whenever possible instead of just throwing them away so this was a major selling point for us.

10. SACKit Portable Speaker: This pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker would be perfect for any activity that the guy in your life is into… does he like to tinker with vehicles? This is a great way to play music or listen to a podcast while working under a car. Does he enjoy sipping a good beer poolside? Perfect for playing background music while entertaining friends. Is he into camping or fishing? I think you know where I am going with this…
This little speaker packs a punch with 8 hours of battery life and comes with a tie-loop so that it can be hung up for optimal audio enjoyment. Now I kind want one…

11. Padded Laptop Briefcase: Last but not least, this padded laptop bag is an absolute staple for my husband. I bought it for him a few Christmases ago and it has transported his laptop to and from the office every day since. He also uses it on overnight business trips because he can fit the essentials (e.g. a toothbrush, an undershirt, etc.) in the same bag and keep his luggage to a minimum. The spacious interior has three dividers and a padded section specifically for accommodating a laptop. The industrial-grade fabric resists water and wear, so it’s perfect for protecting his portable work computer from the elements. I’m pretty proud of that gift since it gets daily use and I know it’s going to be reliable for him for all of his working years.


What has been the biggest hit gift you have ever given the guy(s) in your life? Let me know in the comments.

I hope this has been helpful for your holiday shopping! More guides on the way!

xx, Natalie



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