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Week 2 of Gifts: Self-Care At-Home Spa

I’m offering my Holiday Gift Guides in a different format this year: each week will have it’s own theme and every day a new item will be featured, totaling 7 gift ideas by the end of the week. The items will vary in prices so you will have options, no matter what your budget is.

If you are looking for more traditional gift guides, I have some if you are shopping for: stocking stuffers, the guy(s) in your life, someone who is always hosting, or someone who loves to be cozy.


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We all know someone that naturally tends to neglect themselves in favor of putting in long hours at the office and/or helping their loved ones before themselves. We’ve heard a lot around self-care in the past few years and I fully believe that taking the time to give yourself a bit of attention and relaxation helps you to be the best version of yourself so that you can continue to give your most. These gifts would be great for people always giving of themselves that could use some self-care in their lives! Without any further ado…


8. Gel Toe Socks: I love getting pedicures, but let’s be real… they just aren’t going to happen as often as I *actually* need them. These socks look SO cool and would really help to keep my feet nice and soft (especially during these cold winter months!). Since they’re under $25, they’d be an awesome inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer!


9. Olaplex Minis: So, full disclosure: when I originally wrote this post, Sephora was exclusively offering a set of 4 Olaplex Products… but apparently it’s been super popular because now they’re sold out! 😢 I can’t say that I am surprised because I am a MEGA Olaplex fan (you can read my Hair Perfector review here and more about the Bond Smoother in my Sephora Faves post here) so I totally get that the little gift sets are gone, BUT the good news is that you can still buy them individually! I recently purchased the smaller sizes of the Shampoo and Conditioner to test them out (I’m typically a Kiehl’s girl) and as I’ve only used them twice I can’t give a full report, but I definitely like them a LOT so far. The shampoo goes a LONG way and lathers up oh-so-nicely. I also feel like the conditioner is working well with the No. 3 Hair Perfector Treatment and the No. 6 Bond Smoother to soften and smooth my heat-damaged hair. The “consolation prize” about the sets being sold out is that now you can buy the minis “a la carte” and curate your own gift set! If bought individually they’d be a perfect stocking stuffer as well.
*EDIT* The gift set has been restocked! Link here.


10. Slip Pillowcase: I have been playing with the idea of getting a silk pillowcase for a while now because I’ve heard that the benefits go beyond just being a comfortable material. Some of these benefits are: anti-aging, less friction on skin / hair which prevents irritation / damage, providing a cleaner sleep surface, and generally being less drying for skin and hair (and seriously, who wouldn’t want all of that??). At $85 they’re a bit on the pricier side, but seem like a totally worthwhile investment. What color would you buy?


11. Throw Blanket (His // Hers): I have heard RAVE reviews about this blanket brand. They promise to be a great weight, ultra plush and very warm — what else could you want from a blanket? I also love all of the different stylish textures and colors that they offer — these would be perfect as a throw for the couch or even as an added layer of warmth for your bed! Most of the colors are gender-neutral, but I shared “his and hers” options because wanted to point out that these could also be great gift ideas for guys or even for parents / in-laws!


12. La Mer Gift Set: Everyone’s skin could use a little extra TLC in the winter months and I swear by my mini pots of La Mer moisturizing face cream (which I have also talked about here). This little kit comes with everything you could need to hit the reset button on winter skin which is packaged in the cutest travel pouch (the gift that keeps on giving — I can never get enough travel organization!). With the success that I have had with my La Mer face creams, I’m certain that the rest of their products also have the same “magical” ingredients to salvage any winter skin hydration troubles!


13. Cozy Robe His // Hers: In my opinion, robes are a totally underrated gift. It’s basically a blanket that you can wear while still having the function of your arms and legs (don’t come at me with that Snuggie nonsense! lol). I love everything that I own from UGG, so I know that their robe has to be insanely cozy… I may have to add this to my list for Santa! 😉  My husband loves to wear his robe around the house, especially when the temperatures drop. He swears by the brand Reigning Champ — it’s where all of his favorite sweats are from! Just like I did with the blankets above, I shared “his and hers” options because wanted to show that robes could be great gift ideas for guys or even for parents / in-laws!


14. Dyson AirWrap: THIS is basically the #1 item on my personal wishlist item this holiday. I’ve waxed poetic about my obsession with my Dyson vacuum and absolutely love their products… when they first released their hair dryer I almost lost my mind (that’s not to say that I don’t adore my T3 hair dryer, but Dyson technology is unmatched!). Their description of the AirWrap says it best: “By combining our powerful digital motor with aerodynamics, we’ve been able to harness a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect to curl, wave and smooth hair – with no extreme heat.” 🤯  SAY. WHAT. This styling kit is definitely a pricier item, but it accomplishes so much and will probably last forever (as Dyson products tend to do… 😂).


Happy shopping, friends!

xx, Natalie



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