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Christmas Gift Guide: For The Hostess

Antique Brass Coasters: We have metal coasters throughout our house (what? we hate water rings ) and we use them all of the time. They catch all condensation from our glassware and the metal actually conducts temperature so your beverage will stay colder/warmer a little bit longer than normal. I wish this style had been available when we purchased ours… I adore the textured brass!

Marble Cheese Platter: I feel like every hostess needs a “canvas” on which to beautifully display her tasty snacks and this tray would be so perfect! The handles would make it super easy to transport between rooms and the cool marble would help to keep cheese from getting too warm.

Brass Bar Tools Set: If your hostess friend enjoys a good cocktail (or even a non-alcoholic “mocktail”), this is a slam dunk gift! Not only is the set incredibly useful, but the brass is such a gorgeous gold color that when left on display it could easily become home accent decor. It’s a beautiful thing when design meets function.

Sparkling Wine: When in doubt, gift a bottle of bubbly! I shared my favorite sparkling wine with you in an earlier post, but it certainly won’t be the last time I mention it on the blog. My husband and I enjoy all of Schramsberg Vineyards‘ sparkling wine varieties, but the classic Blanc de Blanc is the perfect choice to gift because it can be enjoyed both by pairing with a meal or just being sipped on its own. Honestly, after tasting it I think you’ll be surprised by the affordable price point. For our money, it’s flavor is better than that of Veuve Clicquot (which I also enjoy; we just prefer Schramsberg). You can try to wrap the bottle if you like, but the Schramsberg labels and bottles are so lovely, all you really need to make a bottle more festive is to tie a ribbon into a bow around its neck and – voila! An instant and effortless, yet thoughtful gift.

Cheese Gift Crate: I mean, I don’t think I need to say much here… it’s a crate full of cheese and charcuterie, which is basically heaven in a box. This gift includes: 12oz of Beehive Creamery’s “Seahive” Cheese and 10oz. of their Apple-Walnut Smoked Cheese, Dried Figs, Roasted Salted Almonds, Salami, Plum Jam and Pan Forte Crostini. Add a bottle of wine and you have an amazing picnic or al fresco lunch!

Marble Wine Chiller: These serve two uses in our home… they stylishly hold kitchen utensils most of the time, but play double duty when a bottle of wine needs chilling. You could also use one as a vase for faux flowers when it’s not cooling a bottle of wine! How pretty would that be?! The marble is so beautiful and the chillers work exactly as advertised. Highly recommend!

Popcorn Seasoning Set: If your friend hosts a lot of movie or game nights, it would be so thoughtful to buy a box of her favorite popcorn to give to her along with this amazing set of seasonings. How fun to be able to enhance your bowl of popcorn with a little bit of extra flavor! And with six different options, everyone can have it their way (savory OR sweet)! Seasoning Flavors include: Salted Butter, Garlic Asiago, Cheddar Jalapeño, Sour Cream and Onion, Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar, and Kettle Korn.

Chappy Wrap Throw Blanket: I keep hearing amazing things about these blankets and I feel like we need one or two in our chilly basement’s media room! Chappy Wrap offers a variety of different colors and patterns, so you’re bound to be able to find one that either matches her home’s decor or just her overall style.

Dipping Herbs/Oils: Have you ever heard of or been to Carrabba’s Italian Grill? When I lived in Florida, my family used to go there for dinner ALL. THE. TIME. and our favorite thing was sharing a basket of their warm, fresh bread and a bowl of dipping oil with herbs. I think that bread paired with a flavorful herbed dipping oil is such an easy, but elegant appetizer! This duo contains a bottle of Toasted Garlic and Red Chile, and Italian Herbed VSOP Balsamic. YUM.

Soy Candle with Brass Match Striker: The last, but certainly not least, item is actually a gift of two complementary items from different vendors. I ADORE Sydney Hale Company’s soy candles… they have amazing scents and burn for what feels like forever! I can’t recommend them enough. And instead of giving your hostess friend just a candle, I think it would be so thoughtful to pair it with a beautiful match holder/striker. The entire outside of this brass holding container can be used to ignite a match and it never wears down so the container can be used over and over and over! It’s also much more stylish than the cardboard box of matches from the grocery store…


xx, Natalie



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