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Seattle City Guide

My favorite thing to do before I travel to a new city is to crowdsource information from locals. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than “insider” recommendations! I’d rather have a local’s suggestion/tip than one from another visitor. My husband and I are fortunate enough to live near downtown Seattle, which as a city, has…

CBD Oil Review

I’ve been interested in the benefits of CBD for a while now, but trying to figure out where to even start learning about the industry and what was true vs. false felt so overwhelming that I ended up giving up on my quest for CBD knowledge before it even really began. As luck would have…

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Friday Finds: Volume 18

Happy Happy Friday, friends… and Happy Friday the 13th! It seems as though Summer has had its last hurrah in Seattle and we’re moving along right into the Autumn season (which I am personally SO excited for!). The leaves are starting to change colors, the temps are cooler and Seattle gets a bit cloudier/drizzlier –…

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Napa Valley Travel Guide

My husband and I love spending time in Napa Valley! We first ended up visiting as part of celebrating the closing of a business deal with one of my husband’s clients (I got to tag along!!) and we immediately fell in love with the area. As a result, we do our best to make an…

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Sunday Shopping – August

During each year’s transition seasons (Spring and Autumn) I start feeling the need to refresh things in our home (this also typically includes days dedicated to deep cleaning). I feel like I normally start feeling this way as soon as Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Sept 1st), but this year I’m getting the urge…