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The BEST Self-Tanning Product

It’s no secret that I wasn’t born with naturally tan skin, but I have been striving to achieve a golden glow ever since I was a teenager. I foolishly spent many years “worshiping the sun” at my local beach in Florida, which has totally come to bite me in the ass now as a 30-something….


The StyleBook App

I mentioned this incredible app in a previous Friday Finds post, but I decided that I should dig a little deeper to show you guys how freaking useful this app is! I don’t know about you, but I often struggle with getting dressed in the morning because I feel like I have “nothing to wear” even…

Skin Prep Guide for Faux Tanning

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy getting spray tans for special occasions when I know that the photos are going to last for a lifetime (read: I don’t want to be immortalized looking like a ghost). When it came to preparing for our 2018 wedding, I was concerned about my naturally fair skin being…