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Seattle City Guide

My favorite thing to do before I travel to a new city is to crowdsource information from locals. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than “insider” recommendations! I’d rather have a local’s suggestion/tip than one from another visitor. My husband and I are fortunate enough to live near downtown Seattle, which as a city, has…

National Stripes Day!

  J.Crew is bringing back their National Stripes Day holiday, to be celebrated this Friday, June 21st! In honor of the holiday (which I observe more frequently than once a year), I’ve rounded up a few fun striped items from some of my favorite vendors to get ready for National Stripes Day!! Admittedly, a fair number…

Wedding Planning Part 1: Getting Started

source: Katelyn James Blog   Since it’s almost our one year wedding anniversary, I thought I might share some wedding planning advice for any future brides! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! It’s such a wonderful feeling to be moving on to the next stage of your relationship with your beloved and I’m so…

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How I Rejuvenate My Damaged Hair (and You Can Too!)

Honestly, I don’t know how this magical product has been kept a secret for so long?? I first heard about Olaplex from Kelly in the City. She dedicated an entire blog post to the product because she found so much success with it after having her daughter Emma. I finally ordered a bottle of the at-home treatment…

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