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Week 3 of Gifts: the Foodie

I’m offering my Holiday Gift Guides in a different format this year: each week will have it’s own theme and every day a new item will be featured, totaling 7 gift ideas by the end of the week. The items will vary in prices so you will have options, no matter what your budget is.

If you are looking for more traditional gift guides, I have some if you are shopping for: stocking stuffers, the guy(s) in your life, someone who is always hosting, or someone who loves to be cozy.

If you are shopping for a Homebody or someone who could use some Self-Care Time, check out this year’s recent Gift Guides.


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15. TRUFF Hot Sauce: Whoever created this product is a total genius! The indulgence of truffle and the heat from a spicy sauce is a dynamite combination. TRUFF has two “always” varieties to choose from (Hot and Hotter!) that you can buy individually or as a set! Additionally, TRUFF is offering a Limited Edition White Truffle hot sauce for the holidays that is a bit more expensive but sounds even more indulgent. These bottles would be great gifts for the foodie in your life, or even as stocking stuffers!

16. Cheese Board: Every host should have a nice cheese board — charcuterie/cheese boards make for the easiest appetizers and they’re always a crowd-pleaser! I personally prefer a marble cheese board because (1) marble stays naturally cool and will help to keep your spread of cheeses from getting too warm, (2) marble always looks very elegant and “grown-up”, and (3) I find that marble is easier to wipe clean than a wooden board (I’m all about easy cleanup!).

17. Winc Wine: The perfect gift for the oenophile (wine lover) in your life! This company offers wine subscriptions so that you can save yourself a trip to the store, offering a wide range of varieties and price points to choose from. Gift cards for the subscription are especially perfect because then the recipient can choose the kinds of wine that they like or would like to try (wine can be pretty personal, so I think it’s pretty cool that you can give the freedom to choose instead of simply gifting someone a bottle of a variety that they may not care for). Winc gift cards start at $60 and can go up to $600 at varying increments. Winc also offers actual wine gift packages that include a bottle of wine and an accompanying gift (such as popcorn, chocolate, candle, sleeping mask, stemless glasses, etc!) which would be perfect if you know what kind of wine you would like to gift to someone!

18. Sous Vide Cooker: I am absolutely a novice chef (there’s no denying that!) and I could use any help that I can get in the kitchen. This super cool tool helps to cook protein to perfection (and can be controlled from your phone, which I find to be incredibly handy!). I am always so nervous about cooking protein properly — I certainly don’t want salmonella, but I also don’t want super dry chicken either… this awesome device takes the guesswork out of cooking your protein! This would be a great gift for every home chef at any experience level.

19. Bar Tools: So maybe your loved one isn’t the best cook, but they can make a mean cocktail. Why not gift them with some high end tools to make their yummy drink concoctions? Upgrade their existing set (or even lack of one!) with this marble and brass tool set that’s as beautiful as it is functional. They won’t want to tuck these away in a cabinet, but rather put them out on display! This would be an awesome host gift for the mixologist in your life.

20. Le Creuset: There’s a reason that this company has been in business since 1925 — they’re basically setting the standard for high-quality enamelware and a classic cast-iron dutch oven would make an incredible holiday gift for any chef. I’ll admit that they’re pretty expensive, but they’re an investment for any kitchen and will last a lifetime (and beyond!). I personally think that the 5 1/2 quart model is the perfect “average” size, but you may need to modify that according to your recipient’s lifestyle (do they have a small family? a larger family? do they host meals frequently?).

21. Phillips Air Fryer: I don’t have any personal experience with an air fryer, but everyone that I know that owns one totally raves about it! I’m all about healthier eating with the full flavor of deep frying (bonus: no grease splatter from a traditional frying setup!). I wish that our kitchen had the capacity for more tools/products, but it’s a charming 1904 Victorian home in Seattle so there isn’t a ton of storage space… if I had the room in my kitchen this would be the first thing on my wishlist! The retailer is having a crazy sale on this model, so I hope that you can snap it up before the deal expires.

Happy shopping, friends!

xx, Natalie



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