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Loeffler Randall Emilia Shoe Dupe

I absolutely love the look of the Loeffler Randall pleated lamé Penny and Emilia knot heels; they’re such a versatile pair of shoes and are especially perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

I want to preface my post with this note: normally, when it comes to designer items I will save up to buy the real thing (I want to support designers by buying their products!), but because of my hyperhidrosis I tend to RUIN shoes in a very short time so I just can’t justify the cost of these adorable shoes! I wish so much that I could invest in a real pair… I hear great things from friends that own them!

This prompted me to go on an extensive digital hunt for a similar-enough replacement at a more affordable price. I was able to find about half of a dozen variations of the gold heeled mules that I wanted, but all of the available options seemed to be made with poor quality, only came in rose gold (I wanted yellow gold!), and worse, some were just very obvious rip-offs of the designer pair – I just couldn’t bring myself to support that kind of business! I had all but given up on my quest when I was randomly perusing the Nordstrom website a couple of weeks ago (… as one does 😉) and spotted this pair of shoes! I was so excited that I bought them on the spot (thx, Nordies Notes!).

After wearing the “dupe pair” I can report that they’re super comfortable, I love the block heel and the height (which is just enough!) and the crinkly lamé material, which lends a festive and luxe look to the shoes. The only major difference between the two versions of the shoe (that is very obviously missing) is the bow, which I absolutely LOVE and is one of the main reasons why I fell for the Loeffler Randall shoes in the first place! Unfortunately, I think that if Lilly Pulitzer had added the bow, it would no longer be considered “inspired by” and become more of a “knockoff” so this is as close to a legitimate replacement as I will be able to get (hey, I’ll take it!). I can’t wait to wear them throughout the holiday season, on a trip that we’re taking at the end of January, and for any upcoming events (giving my nude sandal heels a break)!

I hope that this post helps you if you’re in a similar boat where you love the designer version, but the pricepoint is a little out of your budget. (I also found them available in all sizes here and here!). I’m including a few of the outfits that I’ve created within the StyleBook app to give you an idea of how I plan to wear these shoes and provide you with a little inspo too!

*EDIT* Just found this option too!

Happy shopping!

xx, Natalie


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