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Review of Goodnight Macaroon’s Marlo OTK Boot

I have been on a serious hunt for the perfect, affordable over-the-knee (or “OTK”) boot for years. I’ve heard excellent things about the various Stuart Weitzman pairs, but their price tags are just a bit too steep for me to be able to pull the trigger. (My hyperhidrosis ruins all shoes so, unfortunately, footwear isn’t something that I can really invest in. 😩)

You have undoubtedly seen this pair of Goodnight Macaroon OTK boots on fashion bloggers all over social media, but if you’re like me you’ve probably been wondering if they’re actually worth the hype? I decided to take a leap and order a pair while they were on sale (20% off!) last month to see what the fuss was about.

The main deterrent that initially kept me from ordering a pair was that they can’t be returned due to the fact that each pair is made-to-order, so I had to take a risk and guess on my shoe size. I am normally a size 9 or 9.5 in most brands, but the product description (as well as everyone’s reviews) recommended sizing up at least half a size. My thighs and calves are NOT slim, so I was super anxious about the boot shaft not fitting around my legs. I planned to order a size 10, but then panicked at the last second and changed the size in my shopping cart to an 11(!!!). My order was placed on Oct 14, the shoes were shipped on Oct 21 and the package arrived (from Hong Kong! 😳) on Nov 4. They arrived so well packaged! Each shoe was fitted with specially folded cardboard to help retain shape as well as being wrapped in protective [inexpensive] dust bags.

My immediate observation upon putting them on was how incredibly flattering they are and how they hug my legs just right. I will also note that they make my fairly thick legs appear slimmer than they are without being uncomfortable or squeezing any excess skin / fat over the top of the boot; they must be magic! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ (*For reference: I am 5’8″ and wear a size 8 / 10 in pants and dresses.) I want to note that while the material is certainly stretchy and has a decent amount of give, it’s also meant to stay up on your thigh, so it’s not stretchy like a pair of leggings would be. No one knows your body like you do, so I would say to use your best judgement if you’re deciding whether or not to order.

Notes on quality: the faux suede also looks / feels like authentic suede; the stitching is straight / even and feels very secure.

I love that I can wear the boots to give myself some extra coverage when wearing something that could be considered “too short”, but they also fit great over leggings and even my skinny jeans! I’m also surprised that I love the pointed toe — normally I feel like that toe shape is “too fancy” for my everyday style or that it would crunch my toes / the ball of my foot, but they are surprisingly comfortable! The heel is just high enough to give the illusion of lengthened legs without being too high that your feet cramp up immediately or slide down and get jammed into the toe box.

I’m sorry for the awkward angle of this pic, but I had to get a shot of the back of the shoes! 😂 The zippers at the ankle / back of the calf are great for being able to access socks or pant ankles for adjusting, as well as for ease of getting your feet in and out of the boots. (Anyone else ever get their foot stuck trying to take off a boot that doesn’t have these zippers? No? Just me then? Cool.)

The shaft material is very soft and stretchy. Not in a cheap way like it would get stretched out easily, but kind of like… wetsuit material? 🤣 I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s great. Again, the material is stretchy and has a decent amount of give, it’s also meant to stay up on your thigh, so it’s not ultra stretchy. As I said before: you know your body best, so I would say to use your best judgement on whether these would be right for you. (That said, if you end up ordering them and they don’t work out, you could always sell them online somewhere like Poshmark because anyone buying would probably be thrilled to get their package faster than ~3 weeks 😜).

I will admit that I probably didn’t need a pair in size 11 as they actually fit a tad loose in the leg if I’m not wearing them over leggings/jeans and there’s a TON of extra room around my foot, BUT that can be remedied by wearing a pair of thick socks. #rookiemistake 🤦🏻‍♀️ If I were to order these shoes again (and I would! maybe add the black pair to my closet? 😍), I would go with the suggested sizing and purchase a size 10.

My final takeaways:

(1) I LOVE these shoes! They’re great quality and I highly recommend them as an affordable OTK option.

(2) They’re stretchy, so if you have wider / athletic calves or larger thighs than the typical size 0 bloggers, there’s hope. 😉

(3) Don’t expect a quick turnaround time; for understandable logistical reasons, they’re going to take at least a few weeks to arrive. Plan accordingly.

(4) Use the recommended sizing when you order — they know best.

(5) I think that these shoes are already set at a fair price, but any time Goodnight Macaroon is having a sale, they would be the first item on my list to snag at a discount!

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any additional questions.

Happy shopping, friends!

xx, Natalie

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