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Week 6 of Gifts: the Tech Lover

I’m offering my Holiday Gift Guides in a different format this year: each week will have it’s own theme and every day a new item will be featured, totaling 7 gift ideas by the end of the week. The items will vary in prices so you will have options, no matter what your budget is.

If you are looking for more traditional gift guides, I have some if you are shopping for: stocking stuffers, the guy(s) in your life, someone who is always hosting, or someone who loves to be cozy.



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36. Elago Charging Hub: This is the coolest one-stop charging center for all of your Apple products (iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods). If your gift recipient is a big tech user, they’re gonna need to charge their devices and I don’t know anyone that wants to charge items individually with each of their own cables or taking turns on a charger when all of their devices are suffering from low batteries.

37. Philips Smart Bulbs: I have been considering upgrading some of the lights in our home to these smart bulbs because I love how configurable and controllable they are! So cool! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love to have more control over the lights in their home.

38. Apple TV 4K: I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO BUY THIS PRODUCT. This has been our favorite purchase of 2019 as well as the best and most affordable “investment” in our home (and mobile) entertainment. It seems like such a #firstworldproblem, but with all of the different streaming accounts we have nowadays it really makes watching “television” a delight again! The streaming apps we’ve synced up: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOGo, Hulu and Disney+, as well as being able to listen to Podcasts / watch any movies or listen to any music that I have purchased on iTunes. It’s so convenient to have everything all in one place, have all of our passwords saved for easy logins, and super easy toggling between apps — it even synced with my iPhone so that I can use it as a remote/keyboard for easier searching. I can’t recommend this enough for someone who loves digital entertainment!!

39. Nest Camera: We already have (and love!) the Nest thermostat and Nest smoke / CO detectors in our home… I think that having the Nest camera on our front porch would be a welcome addition to our life in the city – the only thing holding us back right now is our limited electrical “bandwidth” due to old wiring in our 1906 house.  We love how easy and user-friendly everything is to access with all of our other Nest items… this seems like the next progression to our collection. 😉 This would be a great gift for someone who “has everything” and is difficult to shop for because they probably haven’t thought to purchase this for themselves.

40. AirPods Pro:  You probably heard me mention in my Jetsetter Gift Guide that I have a pair of AirPods (the first generation) and I absolutely love them. It’s so freeing not to be attached to your device or having a cord that gets tangled or damaged. If the person that you are gifting is responsible and will be sure to put the ear buds back in the case when they’re done using them, these would be perfect gift. I use mine daily for listening to music at the office, but especially love them when flying because I can watch my downloaded movies and not get tangled up in the cord. The newest model comes with “active noise cancellation for immersive sound”. 😳 How cool is that!? Unfortunately, due to Black Friday deals this product is sold out completely and is now backordered and isn’t expected to be delivered until the first week of 2020. That being said, everyone I know that has them says that they are spectacular; you can still order them and gift the recipient an image of the AirPods on Christmas with delivery only a couple of weeks afterward (less exciting, I know… but worth the wait).

41. Saturday 12 / 14

42. Sunday 12 / 15



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