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Best Shoes for Autumn Weather

It’s no secret that I love autumn — I celebrate its arrival as the “fall-idays” LOL! The crispness in the air, the changing of the colors, grey / drizzly weather, and cozy clothes — it’s without-a-doubt my favorite season! Living a walking-heavy lifestyle in Seattle has forced me to find the ultimate footwear options for all seasons, so I thought I’d share my favorite ones for the fall!

All of these options are “investment” shoes for your closet that will last year after year with proper care. I’m personally trying to be more conscious with my purchases and limiting myself to buying only high quality items that I will get a ton of use out of and shoes are a major part of curating a versatile wardrobe (it’s amazing how merely swapping out your shoes can change the look of an entire outfit!). I wouldn’t recommend any shoes that I don’t already own and love… and these are the best!

Native — I love these shoes because they’re easy to style and super low-maintenance. They’re made of rubber which is awesome for three reasons: (1) they’re sustainable, (2) they’re a breeze to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel), (3) they have the casual look of sneakers (or fancy flats), but are waterproof! (well, except for the holes so that your feet can breathe, but you know what I mean…) I personally really like the style that has a similar look to Keds (see above) and the d’Orsay flat style (+bows! <– I have these). They’re perfect for days where it’s too chilly to have exposed toes, but you don’t need the heavy-duty protection of boots.

Rothy’s — y’all know that I love my Rothy’s… I wear my “Spotted” Leopard Loafers at least once a week… they’re so easy to grab for daily use! I’m really interested in buying another pair, but trying to make a decision on a style and color is really tripping me up! I’m seriously considering The Point in Chili… a departure from my typical inclinations toward neutrals, but this rich red color paired with the classic design could actually be pretty versatile — I may have to purchase for “research”. 😉 All of the Rothy’s designs are easy and stylish, meaning that they’re perfect for: business casual, a date night, running errands, and generally every day. They’re also especially great if there is a potential for getting wet because you can clean them by just tossing them in the washing machine!
(Tips for cleaning Rothy’s can be found here).

L.L.Bean — These shoes that have a cult following (which doesn’t surprise me) and actually sell out every year around the holidays (buy yours or as a gift ASAP!)… they’re perfect for the days that you don’t need to wear your full-out rain boots and still feel like you’re still wearing “real shoes”. I have this pair of Bean Boots (in Tan/Brown), without any special liner because I want to be able to wear whatever socks I want with them and not get overheated by being forced to double-down on insulation (note that I have hyperhidrosis so that’s a concern for me, but maybe you’d like the extra warmth of a chamois or shearling liner?). I will say that your feet WILL get cold in lower temps without proper socks in the unlined style — the soles are made entirely of rubber after all. (I’ve definitely made this rookie mistake. Get the wool socks, girl – you won’t regret them.) As far as sizing goes, I recommend following L.L.Bean’s specific guidelines (listed in each item’s Product Details) — I bought my usual size because I wanted room for thick socks.

Hunter — These classic and iconic boots are a mainstay in my wardrobe — ESPECIALLY in the fall and winter months. Because I live the pedestrian lifestyle here in Seattle, having the tall boot makes the most sense for me (for maximum dryness coverage!). I love all of the colors/styles/finishes that Hunter offers — there are so many to choose from! I personally love the matte finish (low-maintenance) and the black, navy, or hunter green (as made famous by Princess Diana) colors because they are the most versatile for use in any closet.
(Tips on how to clean/care for your Hunters here).

Blondo — This brand has become my newest footwear love affair. While I adore all of my rain-specific gear, I have to admit that trying to convince myself to wear wellies or duck boots out for a date night is a tough sell. They just feel decidedly casual and not “dressy” enough for a romantic meal (this is self-imposed, by the way… Seattle is an incredibly casual city). Enter: Blondo. They make super stylish boots that are
>> W-A-T-E-R-P-R-O-O-F <<
Mind. Blown. I just recently added the Noa booties in camel (seen above) to my Blondo collection… I couldn’t be more pleased! They’re so comfortable, stylish, versatile, and having a suede finish they don’t look at all like they would be waterproof shoes (which is the whole point, right?!).

I hope that you find this seasonal shoe roundup helpful… it’s taken me seven years of living in Seattle to figure it out – haha! Please let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions (in regards to sizing, any routine maintenance, etc.)!

xx, Natalie


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