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Maintenance Monday: How to Clean Your Rothy’s



I know that I have definitely mentioned Rothy’s shoes before throughout various blog posts, but I want to reiterate that they are an absolute workhorse in my wardrobe. I have the “spotted” leopard loafer style (seen above) and they are so awesome! There’s a lot to love about Rothy’s, but my two favorite things are that: (a) they are made sustainably (from recycled plastic!!) and (b) THEY CAN BE WASHED – seriously revolutionary!

Recently, I’ve been vulnerable and shared my experience and the challenges that come with living with hyperhidrosis… thank goodness for the invention of washable shoes (my seriously sweaty feet are grateful)! They’re also super handy for life in the PNW (in case you haven’t heard, it gets a little rainy here in Seattle… 😉 ). Whenever my pair starts to look a little dingy or they begin to smell a bit funky, I can easily just toss them into the washing machine! You can both hand wash or machine wash your shoes, but I opt for machine wash… it just makes the most sense for me.




Washing your Rothy’s is actually incredibly easy, but there are some things that you definitely need to remember when washing them…

    (they’re removable for a reason – take advantage!)
    (warm or hot water could warp your shoes and ruin them!)
    (using an un-dyed soap [clear liquid / white powder] is even better)
    (for the same reason as #2 — just let them air dry!)




Here’s how I personally [machine] wash my shoes:

– I remove the insoles from my shoes and place them into a zippered mesh laundry bag (the bag is optional, but it’s something that I like to use with my insoles).

– I set my washing machine to the Delicate Cycle (making sure that only cold water will be used) and add a small amount of Tide Liquid Detergent (up to the  lowest line marker inside the cap’s measuring cup).

– I also like to toss something else in the washing machine along with the shoes to help buffer any tumbling sounds (I typically throw in the beach towel that we use to clean our pup’s muddy paws!), but I won’t add anything with a dye that could potentially stain my shoes.

– Once the washing machine’s cycle has my shoes fully rinsed and spun-out, I take my shoes and insoles out of the machine (removing the insoles from the mesh lingerie bag) and lay them out on the laundry room counter to air dry… the speed at which they dry varies depending on the ambient temperature of our house, but I’d say that it’s usually within 24 hrs.

– After waiting the 24 hours for my shoes to dry, I pop the insoles back in — then they’re as good as new and ready to wear!




See? Easy peasy. The most important thing to remember is to avoid any kind of heat (hot water + tumble dryer!), and the rest is simple! Such an awesome shoe brand… I think I may need to order a few more pairs. 🤔

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions OR any extra tips that you found useful in washing your Rothy’s!

xx, Natalie


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