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Sunday Shopping: Velvet Pumpkins

Sunday Shopping - Velvet Pumpkins.png


I am so in love with textured pumpkins for seasonal indoor decorating. I found all kinds of pumpkins made out of cool materials (burlap, sparkleswool, lambskin!), but I am especially crazy about the velvet pumpkin trend. It’s such a rich texture that’s perfect for the cooler months and makes plush pumpkin decor feel a bit luxurious.

I have to admit, I kinda went down the Pinterest autumn decor “rabbit hole” for a bit… but I found my way out! 🤪 On my journey, I found a few velvet pumpkin options that caught my eye!

Pumpkin #1  //  Pumpkin #2  //  Pumpkin #3  //  Pumpkin #4  //  Pumpkin #5  //  Pumpkin #6

Every year, I like to make a few minor updates around the house to bring each season into our home and I think that a few of these pumpkins would look so cute as a centerpiece on our dining room table or as an accent on the top of our sideboard. Add a seasonal front door wreath, some scented candles, and switch out the floral vase arrangements — done! ☺️

I wait all year to celebrate autumn. lol! Do you guys do any seasonal decorating? Let me know in the comments section below!

xx, Natalie


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