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My Favorite Eco-Friendly Brands for Earth Day

I’ll always be the first one to tell you that I’m far from perfect, but I try to do my best every day (and that’s what counts, right?). When it comes to minimizing my carbon footprint and making better choices that benefit the world we live in, I definitely strive to make better personal choices and to support companies that are creating a sustainable product/brand. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below for your consideration — they are companies that I either believe in, or are making a product that has helped me to minimize my negative impact on the Earth.

Dudley Stephens: I’ve talked about my love for Dudley Stephens before in a previous Friday Finds post. I think it’s so amazing that the fleece material that Dudley Stephens uses for their clothing is actually made from recycled plastic bottles! You’d never know it from how incredibly soft they are – I own two of their Cobble Hill turtlenecks and I LOVE THEM. To date, DS has repurposed more than 150,000 plastic bottles for the recycled yarn that is used for the fabric in most of their pieces. They’re clothes that you can feel good about: (1) stylish products, (2) supporting small business, (3) supporting a women-owned business, and (4) their materials are eco-conscious. I seriously can’t recommend this brand enough!


Rothy’s: It’s no secret that I love my Rothy’s shoes. They’re so comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish… and are another product in my closet made from recycled plastic bottles! It’s amazing to me that humans have found ways to repurpose something that was previously going to end up in a landfill into a completely different product that will have a much longer life (Rothy’s are durable and machine-washable!!!). I have a pair of their loafer style in leopard print… they look put together, but feel more like a slipper. So comfy!


Native Shoes: This brand is one of my more recent discoveries and I’m obsessed. Native shoes are essentially the same idea as Crocs, but WAY more stylish. I wear them instead of my rain boots in the warmer months since they’re made of rubber and are basically perfect for living my best pedestrian life in drizzly Seattle. I knew that the shoes were available for kiddos (brilliant, btw), but had no idea there were options for adults until very recently! I have the Jericho style in white and wear them pretty much every day. They’re easy to clean, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and sustainable! When you’ve finally worn them out, Native has a free mail-back program called “The Remix Project” where you can send your shoes back to the company to be repurposed into new life community projects! So smart!


Yeti Mugs: Okay, so Yeti may not be considered a “sustainable company”, but a reusable cup is always a great way to lower your carbon footprint. The great thing about Yeti mugs is that they work well for both hot AND cold beverages, so there’s no need to buy separate cups for each kind of drink. I love the no-spill lids and the 20oz “Rambler” tumbler is my favorite size — I have one at the office and one on my bedside table at home! So convenient! I just need to remember to bring one with me when I travel, instead of buying a bottle of SmartWater at the airport.


Mermaid Straws: I’m sure that you’ve heard about all of the campaigns against plastic straws, most notably from Starbucks. They’ve been doing their best to be rid of disposable plastic straws and replacing them with “sippy cup” lids on all of their iced beverages, with more sustainable changes on the horizon. While I personally love the adult sippy cup lids, sometimes a straw is just necessary. To do my part to reduce waste, I’ve purchased a few metal reusable straws from Mermaid Straws. They come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors as well as offer pouches for travel (I actually just keep mine in my purse!). If you, like my dental hygienist mother, have concerns about having metal in your mouth, Mermaid Straws also sell silicone tips for a softer, more comfortable feel. In addition to creating a product to help people make less waste, the company actually gives back by donating a portion of their proceeds to a different ocean conservation or wildlife preservation non-profit every month. The Mermaid Straws team also participates in and encourages frequent beach cleanups to help remove garbage from the beach. If that’s not a company to support, I don’t know what is.


What are some of your favorite sustainable brands? I’d love to learn about them — please share them with me in the comments section below!

Happy Earth Day!

xx, Natalie

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