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Friday Finds: Volume 14

Whew! Is it Friday already?! I personally feel like most weeks (well, Monday-Thursday) take forever to pass, but this week they seemed to just fly by! I’m really looking forward to this weekend because we’re hoping to get some super overdue yardwork done. We’ve either been busy or the weather has been gross so the yard has definitely been neglected so far this spring. The “planting strip” (is that what it’s called?) between the sidewalk and the street DEFINITELY needs mowing… that grass is getting out of control! And the weeds springing up everywhere in our yard are starting to give me anxiety. 😅 It’s definitely called yardWORK for a reason, but the end result is so satisfying.

Gardening: Speaking of yardwork, apparently gardening is as good for you as going to the gym? Better Homes and Gardens recently posted an article sharing about a study on the health benefits of “leisure time physical activity”. Now that’s some exercise that I can get behind!

Zitsticka: I’m skeptical that these pimple-reducing stickers will actually work, but I’m curious enough to give them a chance. They seem like a too-good-to-be-true situation, but I guess they can’t hurt to try? If they’re actually effective at blemish-dissolving, I’ll make a whole post on them to share with you guys!

Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls: Okay, so I am forever trying to be an adult and make healthy choices. It feels like I’m always on a mission to find flavorful-but-lightened-up versions of my favorite dishes (like the Easter recipe roundup I posted earlier this week!) — however, sometimes you just need to indulge in a decadent treat. I have been dying to share this amazing (and perfect for brunch!!) recipe with you by Elizabeth of The College Housewife. She shared the whole behind-the-scenes process of making them in her Instagram Stories recently and I’m pretty sure that I was drooling the entire time. Find her recipe here and enjoy one (or three!) for me.

Notre Dame Cathedral: Earlier this week, the world watched as one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the world went up in flames on live stream. It was probably one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever watched. I was so relieved to hear that after nine hours of battling the fire (thank you Paris fire department!), the majority of the structure was unharmed. It seems as though the world has come together to mourn, but also to rebuild the historic cathedral in the heart of Paris. If you are interested in contributing to the rebuild of this historical landmark, Condé Nast Traveler has compiled some options for you choose from to make your donation.

Mattress Shopping: Our current mattress is from IKEA from when we bought our house six years ago and it has pretty much given up on life. I LOVE to sleep on my belly, but end up sleeping on my side for most of the night which has been causing my shoulders to hurt a lot lately (OMG is this life as a 30-something?! 😩). Honestly, I think we need a new mattress, but I have no idea where to start! I’ve heard that Tempur-Pedic beds are super comfortable, but get REALLY hot (no thank you!). The Tempur-breeze model sounds intriguing, but maybe we need to keep looking. What mattress has been the most comfortable for you?

We’re meeting one of our couple friends for dinner tonight at a (new-to-us) restaurant — we can’t wait to spend time with our friends and enjoy some food! What are you up to this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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