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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying this year — how is it May already?? Right about now is usually when I start panicking, trying to come up with gift ideas to celebrate my mom for Mother’s Day. I know that my mama’s Love Language is Service, but I live across the country and can’t really offer to clean her house for her or spend time with her (which I know she’d prefer above all else).

Because I can’t fly to Florida all of the time, I try to come up with a gift that is either an experience she can enjoy or an item that she will get a lot of use out of! I’ve listed some favorites below and hope that this helps you find something for the mama in your life!



Massage and/or Facial: I can’t link anything for this one because it all depends on where your mom lives (and maybe she already has a favorite spa/masseuse/esthetician!), but nothing says “I love you” quite like a relaxing pampering sesh. If you want to wrap something up and the spa you reach out to doesn’t offer a physical gift card or certificate to give you, I found some cute printable certificates online!

Manicure/Pedicure: The same message from above applies here.
(Although, if you’re looking for a nail salon in the Seattle area, Cute Nail Salon is my favorite — I have been going religiously for years! They don’t have much of a web presence, but they do a wonderful job at a great price! 1413 80th St, Seattle 98115)

Beauty Bundle: If your mom travels at all, this Truffle Travel Bag is a pretty way to keep all of her makeup (or toiletries!) organized and TSA-compliant. If you want to go a step further, you could add a Sephora or Ulta giftcard inside!

Self-Care Gift Set: Speaking of Sephora, they always have THE. BEST. little gift sets with travel/trial sized products. (I’ve already added a few to my basket! lol)

Nighttime Hair Care: I feel like most moms probably don’t think to take much time to take care of their hair. #topknotlife , am I right? This kit includes two silk pillowcases and a pack of 6 silk scrunchies to help protect hair from creases and breakage.


Framed Photo: If your mom is anything like mine she has a ton of photos, but they’re either in a box that’s buried in her closet or in a folder on her computer instead of on display in her house. Surprise her by having a favorite photo framed and shipped to her front door!

Digital Photo Frame: Digital photo frames are not new technology, but this particular one really impressed me. Multiple devices can be linked to this wifi-enabled frame (read: all of your tech-savvy family members) and they can upload pics to the frame any time! Mind. Blown. What a fun way to share your photos with mom (or even grandma)!

Custom Photo Album: This suggestion is more “analog” than the last, but there’s just something about being able to physically flip through pages of a photo album. Curate your own custom album to give to mom — fill it with family photos or snaps from a trip together!

Bespoke Painting: If photos aren’t mom’s thing, did you know that you can have a painting made from a photo? Find an artist on a craft website and submit your photo to be turned into a masterpiece!


Floral Delivery: My mom is ALL ABOUT the flowers. I know it’s not the most imaginative gift, but there are few things that make her happier than a vase full of fresh blooms. My husband and I love to surprise my mom with a floral arrangement delivered to her at work so that she’s the envy of the office all day.

Flower Subscription: If your mom really loves flowers, you could purchase a bouquet subscription for her so that she receives fresh blooms throughout the year! Who wouldn’t want to have fresh flowers delivered regularly??

Potted Plant Delivery: If your mama has a green thumb, but isn’t really a flower kinda gal, this might be the perfect solution! Send your wonderful mom a potted plant that she can nurture (like she did for you!), decorate her living space with and enjoy for years to come!

Candles: I never understand why people shy away from giving candles. I really love the flicker of the flame as the wick burns down and the warm fragrance that fills the entire room… it’s such a relaxing experience! I love the fragrances of jasmine and gardenia; my grandparents had both kinds of flowers in their yard and the scents always bring back fond memories. To take this gift to the next level, you could pair the candle with a decorative holder to make it a gift set.


Initial Necklace: An initial necklace is such a sweet, personalized gift that any mama would love. Give her a classic pendant with her initial or her baby’s initial that she can wear every day.

Pandora Bracelet/Charms: Not into necklaces? My mom loves receiving charms for her Pandora bracelet. Each charm has a special significance and this could be a great way to help the mama in your life start a collection that she can wear on her wrist.

Birthstone Jewelry: I love gemstones! I’ve always had a fascination with them, ever since I was in elementary school learning Earth Science. Jewelry pieces that feature the birthstones of all of a mother’s children would be so sweet: loved this necklace (you can add more charms!), this bracelet, and this ring (if she isn’t done growing her family, you can always get these stackable rings to continue adding to!)

Jewelry Box: Why not give your mom a jewelry box to keep all of her new (and old!) treasures in? This gift would be an excellent way to “package” any jewelry pieces and add another dimension to the presentation!


— HOME —

Cleaning Service: As I mentioned above, my mom’s Love Language is Service, but I can’t always fly to Florida and surprise her by cleaning her house or pulling weeds in her yard. I’d love to get a cleaning service to come to her house to do a deep clean (wash carpets, steam curtains, etc. so that she doesn’t have to) or even ordering a landscaping service to tidy up the yard (she actually does an excellent job on her own, but it’s a lot of hard work!). This also varies by location, so you’d have to do some research on companies near where your mama lives!

Kitchen Gifts: I feel like I am forever needing new or upgraded kitchen tools, and moms are no different! If your mama loves to spend time in the kitchen (please avoid shopping this section if she doesn’t; don’t say I didn’t warn you…), this kitchenware company has a ton of Mother’s Day suggestions if you need some inspiration!

Goodie Gift Crate: These beautifully curated gift crates with all kinds of treats inside are always a hit! Bonus: the wood boxes that they arrive in can be reused around her house. Such a fun and unexpected surprise!

Edible Arrangement: Okay, so this doesn’t exactly fall under the “home” category, but it doesn’t really work anywhere else. 😉 I have personally never met anyone that doesn’t love an Edible Arrangement… fruit and chocolate? SIGN. ME. UP. Another alternative would be this edible arrangement service. Cue the drool.



If all else fails, celebrate mom with a bottle of bubbly! I’ve linked our favorite brand; they are becoming more widely available at grocery and specialty liquor stores nationwide, but they also ship all over the U.S.!


Happy [Early] Mother’s Day to you all!

xx, Natalie



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