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Weekly Roundup: Vol 3

Happy Friday, friends! I hope that this week has been a good one for you. I’m personally so happy that it’s officially autumn — super DONE with summer 2020. There are a few things that have been on my radar lately and I thought I’d share them with you going into the weekend!

T-Bell Wine: If you’re a wine and Taco Bell lover that happens to live in Canada — wow, have you hit the jackpot! Taco Bell has launched a limited time custom bottle of wine (the “Jalapeño Pinot”) to be paired with their newly launched Toasted Cheesy Chalupa! I hope that this pairing is both good and popular with consumers because I’d love to see more boozy pairings from the TB company and to have them available in more places (like in the U.S.! 🙏🏼).

Sheec Socks: With my hyperhidrosis, I tend to frequently ruin shoes and often have trouble with puddles of sweat accumulating in my shoes, therefore causing me to slip around and almost fall / twist my ankles. It’s not cute. These discreet, ultra-low socks can be worn inside all of my favorite shoes… from my Tory Burch ballet flats to my Rothy’s The Point shoe. Given the material, I know they won’t be the most absorbent, but any sort of grip or friction would make my life so much more comfortable and minimize any “hot spots” where blisters could form around my toes / heel. I can’t wait to try Sheec Socks!!! They have a bunch of different cuts, depending on the style of your shoes — they even have offerings for men!

Kana: Since we’re all stuck at home making hella banana bread, I thought I’d share this awesome parchment paper that makes cooking / baking cleanup incredibly easy. I’m a huge fan of parchment paper to begin with, but this non-toxic, sustainably sourced option is arguably one of the coolest discoveries I’ve made in a while! Placing an order ASAP!

Nix Sensor: Being home all the time means more opportunity for home improvement projects… I thought this little color sensor for paint matching was a GENIUS idea! This product may be unnecessary for someone who only wants to paint one accent wall in their home, but if you are an interior designer, stylist / home stager, artist, etc. this may be a really cool thing to use for your business! I love pulling inspiration from things around me, but sometimes finding the exact shade that I want to use can prove to be challenging — this removes all of the guesswork. Such amazing tech!

Quince: I mean, who doesn’t want affordable cashmere? Even J.Crew’s accessible pricing for cashmere sweaters starts at $98! Get luxuriously cozy for just $50 going into the cooler months from this [new-to-me!] brand. And let’s be real here; we’re just going to be living in comfy pj’s for the foreseeable future — may as well go for the affordable luxury option!

2021 Parisian Calendar: If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you already know that I am an avid Francophile. One of my favorite people to follow is Rebecca Plotnick of the Everyday Parisian blog — she shares ways that we can all “Frenchify” our lives on her blog, sharing all of her Parisian experiences and expertise. In addition to her helpful blog posts, she has taken some truly beautiful photos throughout Paris and sells prints of them on Etsy! I was thrilled to see that she recently launched a 2021 calendar called “A Year in Paris” that can be trimmed to become artwork for your home once the month (or year!) is over. I think her image selections are lovely and I absolutely adore the composition of each photo. Such a beautiful collection! I believe the calendar is available for pre-order now

VOTE tee roundup: My shameless plug for my blog post earlier this week sharing all of the cutest VOTE tees available right now! (This shirt in particular is available for pre-order and shipping in early Oct!). This election is too important to ignore — please register to vote (or confirm that you’re registered!) and find out what your state’s voting options are at votesaveamerica.com ! Election Day is just a little over a month away (Nov 3rd!) and there’s no time like the present! 🗳🇺🇸 Every vote counts and EVERY election is important — have your voice heard!

I hope that despite everything going on in the world that you had a nice week and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Sending hugs!

xx, Natalie

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