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Cute “Vote” Apparel

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I’m not sure if there has ever been a more important election… certainly not in our lifetime. It was important four years ago, but I feel like people became complacent because so many of us assumed that there was no way that people would actually vote for someone so incompetent and unfit to lead our country… and yet, here we are. The past four years under the current administration how shown us that it is imperative that we take this opportunity to vote for change in our government’s leadership.

In order to wear your intentions on your sleeve, (er… chest?) and inspire others, I’ve curated a list of the cutest “Vote!” tees below!

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VOTE tee #1 on Amazon ($15.99)
Cute graphic tee!

VOTE tee #2 on Amazon ($15.99)
A classic design with a few t-shirt color options.

VOTE tee by TrendCustomDesign on Etsy ($17.77)
Such a fun nod to the “LOVE” sculptures!

VOTE tee by Madewell ($17.95)
A classic with neutral colors so it will go with literally anything.

VOTE tee #3 on Amazon ($19.99)
You already know I love florals, so of course I had to share this option. There are multiple t-shirt color options to choose from.

VOTE tee by Levi’s ($21.29)
The little mouth in place of the “O” in VOTE is so fun (and is a subconscious call to action!). I also really like that this tee is a bit cropped and subtly patriotic with its color scheme.

VOTE tee by GoldPetalApparel on Etsy ($24.75)
A simple message and lovely cursive font.

VOTE tee by ArticulatedArtPrints on Etsy ($29.50)
Love this modern font and patriotic, but muted, color scheme. There are four t-shirt colors to choose from as well! (How many VOTE tees is too many? Asking for a friend… 😉 )

VOTE tee by The FIND ($30.00)
Love that the “vote” message is on the pocket here – so cute!

VOTE tee by Alice & Wonder x Jess Keys ($34.00)
I knew I had to have one of these shirts as soon as Jess debuted options on her IG Stories — the colors and simple design just spoke to my heart! I received my tee on Monday and it’s so soft and comfy. I wanted to be able to wear mine a bit oversized (with leggings!) and be able to knot it so I went a size up, but I would say that if I had just planned to wear it tucked into jeans, I would have gone with my normal size. I will note that it is a bit sheer (as most white tees are), but with a skin-colored bra you’ll be just fine.

VOTE tee by Camilyn Beth x Shannon Kirsten ($38.00)
Okay, this is the sweetest and most feminine VOTE tee of them all. I absolutely love the floral font and may need to add this to my wardrobe next.

VOTE, Y’all tee by Draper James ($38)
Even Reese Witherspoon wants you to vote!

VOTE tee by Z Supply ($38.00)
This cool girl tee looks vintage, lived in, and so comfy. And again, I love the color choices for the letters!

VOTE tee by JCrew ($39.50)

Simple message in a classic font / design (you really can’t go wrong with J.Crew…).

I VOTED tee by Read Receipts ($50.00)
If you go to the voting booths, you’re bound to lose your “I voted” sticker at some point; this t-shirt will prevent anyone from making the assumption that you haven’t done your civic duty. 😉 

VOTE tee by Tory Burch ($68.00)
A fun, colorful, bold yet simple message: VOTE!

VOTE tee by Mi Golondrina ($85) Hand-embroidered “VOTE” sentiment on a quality, thick white t-shirt.

VOTE tee by Clare V. ($99.00)
The francophile in me couldn’t pass this one up.
“I vote
you vote
she votes
we vote
you vote
they vote”

VOTE Sweatshirts by Slate ($175.00) These colors pulled me in IMMEDIATELY and the material looks sooo soft (quarantine perfection)! I also love the placement of the text stitching up by the collar. #nailedit This brand also offers a bunch of other fun VOTE-related apparel and products here!

VOTE 100% Cashmere V-Neck Sweater by Lingua Franca ($380)
This hand-embroidered sweater is so cute! A worthwhile investment piece.

VOTE embellished sweater by LeLion ($495)
I’m all for a little sparkle and shine. These personalized custom sweaters are beautiful heirloom pieces and are truly works of art!

ShopBop has partnered with voting advocacy group I Am A Voter to create this cool collection of products!


delicate “VOTE” necklace ($17.99)

Vote Hoop Earrings ($160.00)

“I am a Voter” Scarf ($125.00)

Election Day is November 3rd.

We’re now less than two months away and we’re running out of time to register to vote and to get those ballots requested / turned in!

You can register to vote (or confirm that you are registered!) at VoteSaveAmerica — I confirmed my registration this morning and it took less than 30 seconds.

I recommend checking out what your state’s voting guidelines are! You may have the option to skip the long lines / voting booths and be able to mail in your ballot, but there are ballot request cutoff dates as well as dates that the ballots themselves need to be postmarked by in order for your vote to count, so please take a few minutes to explore this option!

Make your voice heard and vote like your life depends on it —
because it does.

xx, Natalie


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