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Lighter Thanksgiving Dishes

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The holiday season is probably the hardest time of year for those of us who are doing our best to be healthy (and in my case, I’m pretty weight conscious right now). There are so many delicious treats and comfort foods available when the chilly weather arrives and they’re so tough to turn down!

I have been using Weight Watchers for a little over a year now to help me regulate my diet for a healthy lifestyle. I love their Freestyle Program because it allows me to still eat the things that I want, but it helps me to make healthier choices. Because of this, I am still able to eat traditional holiday dishes (with some minor modifications) without expanding my waistline! If you’re interested in effective weight loss, I highly recommend checking out their program! I am not sponsored by this company, I just really believe in what they are doing!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I like to start my grocery list a few weeks in advance. I started with online research, looking for Thanksgiving dishes that are WW-friendly — there were a surprising number of them!! For your convenience I’ve compiled a list of the ones that I thought sounded like they would be the most delicious, with multiple options per dish (e.g. potatoes: mashed AND scalloped) including SmartPoints so that you can curate your own menu to suit your tastes.

We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year (šŸ˜­), but I can’t wait to try these mouthwatering recipes for normal weeknight dinners!

Bon AppƩtit!

Turkey + Gravy/Stuffing:

Herb-Crusted Turkey Breast (3 SP)

Roasted Herb Turkey Breast (1 SP)* Our family favorite!!

From Scratch Turkey Gravy (1 SP)

Lighter Turkey Gravy (1 SP)

Chicken and Gravy (4 SP)

Turkey Stuffing (3 SP)

Sausage, Sage and Apple Stuffing (4 SP)

Cornbread Stuffing (6 SP)


Mashed (5 SP)

Scalloped (3 SP)

Au Gratin (5 SP)

Cheesy Baked (7 SP)


Green Bean (4 SP)

Green Bean (6 SP) (I couldn’t decide; they both sound delish!)

Sweet Potato Stacks (5 SP)

Traditional Sweet Potato (3 SP)

Sweet Potato Mash (4 SP)


Cranberry, Pear and Spinach Salad (6 SP)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (1-3 SP)

Green Beans and Shallots (1 SP)

Honey Glazed Carrots (4 SP)

Cranberry Relish (3 SP)

Cranberry Pear Sauce (2 SP)


Individual Pumpkin Pies (3 SP)

Apple Cake (7 SP)

Pumpkin Fluff (3 SP)

Mini Apple Pies (1 SP)

Pecan Pie (6 SP)

What are your favorite lightened up holiday dishes? I’d love to try them – let me know in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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