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Friday Finds: Volume 3

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I hope that your week has been a smooth one… mine seemed to go by SOOOO SLOWLY because today I am flying to New York City to join my husband for my very first visit!! I feel like the last person on the planet that hasn’t been to NYC so I’m really excited about our weekend. I’ll let you know what we did and where we ate in a dedicated post next week. And here to kick off the weekend, are my Friday Finds:

Reusable Straws: As much as I love using straws in my drinks, it’s really scary to see how many of them end up in landfills or floating in our oceans! In an effort to do my part to reduce the number of straws that I end up discarding, I’ve purchased a few reusable straws to use in my beverages. For “thin” liquid drinks like my daily iced coffees and sparkling water, I ordered a set of metal Mermaid Straws. Each straw comes with a tiny cleaning bristle brush and for a small price you can buy little sleeves to keep them separate in your bag or purse. They come in either straight or curved styles with a variety of color options, but my favorite is the rose gold! I also drink a lot of smoothies and for those thicker beverages I have a wider glass straw by Strawsome. My husband told me about this brand before I discovered Mermaid Straws (which has their own line of glass straws and a wider metal smoothie straw).

Updated Technology: I have had my MacBook Pro since 2007… and it’s been riding The Strugglebus for a few years now. With all of the latest iOS updates, the poor thing has all but called it quits on me. My husband and I agreed that it’s time for an upgrade. This decision has just happened to coincide with Apple’s most recent MacBook Air release.

Other than the usual improvements to the memory, storage, display and processing speed, this most recent MacBook Air is especially impressive because it’s Apple’s “greenest” Mac ever made. They are being made with 100% recycled aluminum!!! I love that the tech giant has decided to reuse resources instead of mining any new materials to create these machines. I can’t wait to pick one up in gold!

New Ice Cream Flavors: Local Seattle ice cream company Molly Moon‘s has released their fall flavors and we couldn’t be more excited to try them!!! Pictured above, going clockwise from the top left, are: Chocolate Cranberry Sorbet, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel, Vegan Choco Donut, and Dutch Apple Pie. Chocolate Cranberry Sorbet sounds a little… adventurous, but we trust the geniuses at Molly Moon’s and look forward to sampling it along with the three other flavors. Molly Moon does it again!!

New on Netflix: Netflix is adding a ton of content in November… there are too many to list here, but luckily Vulture has done the work already – and in alphabetical order by each date of release!! (My inner OCD is rejoicing 🎉) Personally, I am super excited for The Sex and the City movie to be available on demand – it’s such a guilty pleasure movie for me! Another great resource for finding out what’s coming (and leaving!) Netflix is this article over here at Bustle . Happy Netflix and Chilling!

New Hair Accessory: Okay, so my hair is super thin and my ponytails always seem to go limp by the end of the day. When I saw an ad for the Pony-O on Instagram, I thought it was too good to be true, but getting two rings for just under $20, I couldn’t resist. I am here to tell you that THIS PRODUCT ABSOLUTELY WORKS. I put it in my hair yesterday morning and after a long day at work I fell asleep with it in my hair, waking up this morning with my hair almost exactly as it was the day before when I initially put it in my hair! (I by no means suggest using this product to sleep in, this was just my experience). I am SO IMPRESSED. Not only did the Pony-O stay put, but it didn’t leave a crease in my hair, was comfortable to remove (no tangles!) and made my ponytail appear perkier and fuller! I got the “Dark Chocolate” color to best match my hair, but they have lots of different color options! I also decided to try out one of their Bling Ringz to add a little something extra to my new ponytail, and I actually think it’s super cute even though I’m not normally one for statement jewelry.

It’s super easy to use: you just pull your hair through the Pony-O loop, flatten it, bend one side back and then the other. This will create your full and perky ponytail! To add a little shine to your look, just wrap the Bling Ring around your Pony-O and let the magnets keep it in place and shimmering all day! I can’t recommend these enough! They’d be a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your best friend.

Roaster Sale: If you are hosting a holiday meal this year, you will be in need of a roasting pan (meat and veggies alike!). Maybe this is your first time hosting, or maybe you just need to upgrade your existing roaster… well, you’re in luck! Williams-Sonoma is having a sale on roasting pans with discounts up to 60% off AND free shipping! This is the model that I have (and love!) and it’s such an amazing deal right now.

I hope that you guys have a stellar weekend! Any dining suggestions for New York City? Leave me a comment with your favorites!!

xx, Natalie


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