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Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

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Why does the fuss always have to be about someone else on Valentine’s Day?
In the words of Tom and Donna of “Parks & Rec”:
Treat yo’ self!

Use this holiday to indulge and love on yourself! Treat yourself a spa day at home and use alllll of your favorites or splurge and get yourself something new! If you’re looking for some indulgences, I’ve put together a list of little luxuries to gift yourself — all with a Valentine’s Day theme, of course!

Aromatherapy Shower Tablets
A luxurious way to enjoy a shower if you don’t like baths or don’t have a bathtub! These scents sound absolutely divine.

Bath Soak
I adore this bath soak. I’m not normally one for baths, but when I do take one these baths salts are an absolute must.

Bath Bombs
Another fun way to enjoy a soak! This brand offers a few other Valentine’s Day bath bomb scents (in addition to their long list of “always” fragranced items), but this one sounded the yummiest to me!

Face Mask
Fair-trade, biodegradable hydrating face mask?
You had me at coconut oil.

Body Lotion
Another item I don’t use often (due to my hyperhidrosis), but when my skin is feeling tight or dry, this lotion is my go-to. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes, but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy afterward.

Softening Lip Mask
A recent find (it’s not new; I’ve just been living under a rock) and current obsession. I slather it on every night, and sometimes throughout the day. The original “berry” scent is my fave, but I’m sure all of the other options are amazing as well.

Small Silk Scrunchies
I don’t know how I went so long without these in my life. I wear my hair up a decent amount (just for convenience’s sake) and these have prevented so much breakage; I’m in love!

Cooling Gel Eye Mask
I ordered these the other day because I often find that I wake up with puffy eyes. I haven’t received them yet, so I can’t speak to their efficacy or quality, but I can’t wait to try them out!

ManiMe V-Day Nail Stickers
You know I’m obsessed with this brand. Hands down (ha!) my favorite discovery of the pandemic. I love the little capsule designs that they launched for Valentine’s Day! There are 4 new styles and they’re so fun! If you want to read my full review and get a discount on your first order click here.

Hair Turban
I used to just use a regular body towel on my hair and wondered why my hair always felt a little rough afterward. During one of Sephora’s sales, I ordered one of these hair turbans and WOW — gamechanger. These microfiber hair-specific towels seem bougie, but they’re absolutely worth indulging in.

I have been thinking about upgrading my “jammie game” with a set from Lake for a while now, but I haven’t decided on a style yet. Shorts? Pants? Nightshirt? This Valentine’s Day collection is so damn cute — I kinda want them all!

Cozy Bathrobe
Our set of towels comes from this company and we truly love them. My husband and I gave them to one another last year as our second “cotton” anniversary gift and it was SUCH a glow-up from our Target towels. I imagine that their robes are exactly the same “plushness” and every bit as decadent.

I can’t recommend these slippers more. They’re fluffy, affordable, and I love being able to easily slip in and out of them. I’m contemplating purchasing a second pair!

Silk Pillowcase
Another item that has been on my wishlist for what feels like forever! I have heard such amazing things about the benefits of silk pillowcases — generally more gentle on your hair and skin!

Diptyque is one of my favorite candle brands and all of their scents are wonderful. All of my candle care and tips can be found here.

I’m crazy about Sugarfina’s delicious candies and their little gift boxes are the freaking cutest. They always do such a great job of designing them! I love to send myself a little gift box in the mail to enjoy while watching movies or playing virtual games with our family… I can’t recommend them enough!

If you’re like me, having fresh flowers in your home is an instant mood-boost. The scent and their beauty just put the biggest smile on my face. Send yourself an arrangement!

Winc Subscription
(50% discount on your first order for V-Day!)
I may not be able to drink wine right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! 😉 A Winc subscription is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!! I’m looking forward to taking advantage of it once the bébé arrives.

Instead of hating on Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to use it an excuse to really go all-out in taking care of yourself! Enjoy glass of wine (or two!) in a bubble bath listening to relaxing spa music, use a mask cozied up in a plush robe to binge-watch Netflix, send yourself a bouquet of flowers, order in your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant… or all of the above! I personally think that Valentine’s Day should be a national self-care holiday!

Honey, treat yo’ self!
Sending hugs —

xx, Natalie


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