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Celebrating Two Years of Blogging!

I can’t believe that my blog is turning two today!

I started this space because I absolutely love sharing things with everyone that I meet — it’s truly my great pleasure to help others and hopefully making their lives better / easier! Any time I find a cool product or a life hack that has improved my daily life or even when I learn something [new to me] that’s not “common knowledge” related to being a homeowner I try to share with the world because there’s absolutely no reason to keep that kind of information to myself! Life is hard enough… why not lift each other up?!

Some blog-related things I have accomplished over the past year: (1) I am proud that I stayed fairly consistent with sharing posts (this dropped off a bit during the COVID-19 quarantine transition and then again when taking the time to educate myself regarding the Black Lives Matter movement / silence myself in an effort to create space for amplifying melanated voices), (2) I have worked to improve my photography / editing style and learned how to use the features within Lightroom to my advantage! I feel like my photography “skill” will forever be a work in progress, but I’m extremely pleased with my strides in this regard, (3) I recently discovered a few new editing methods that will [hopefully] help me with image creation, so I’m thrilled to see how this expedites my time spent editing going forward, and (4) maybe this is only exciting to me, but I also deep cleaned and organized my Pinterest folders (like, created categories WITHIN folders!) to make them even easier to navigate.

I definitely wouldn’t say that my volume of posts has exponentially increased from my first year of blogging, but it’s stayed fairly comparable (which is quite miraculous, given how bizarre 2020 has been!). As much as I would love to dedicate all of my time to blogging, sometimes writing posts or creating the imagery just doesn’t happen when I want it to (since I do have a day job) and I have to give myself some grace. Quality > quantity, right? I am also still working on getting my content calendar situation figured out and educating myself on how to level up all of my “behind the scenes” blogging skills. Never a better time than while quarantined! 😉

I am so beyond grateful to anyone that has ever visited my little corner of the internet to read my posts and has allowed me to be a resource… whether it’s a product review, a shopping guide, a travel diary, a cool dupe for a designer item, home decor ideas, or even just baring my soul to the world regarding a topic not often discussed.

I love connecting with you and hope to continue to make new [virtual] friends and growing this community — thank you so very much for being here.

If there is ever anything you’d like to see or hear more about on my platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know!

Cheers to two years and to many more! ✨🥂🍾

xx, Natalie

p.s. this wine is a Thomas Keller exclusive for his acclaimed restaurant “The French Laundry” in Napa and is currently available for a limited time through the winery that he partners with (which happens to be our favorite domestic sparkling wine house!) — I can’t recommend it enough if you like a dry champagne!


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