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Weekly Roundup: Vol 1

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired lately… I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t really had much to share in the past couple of weeks. So, while I haven’t put together much of my own content outside of some drafts of random post ideas, I wanted to highlight some of the things that I have recently discovered and wanted to share with you too!

Mi Golondrina – I am so obsessed with these traditional Mexican tops and dresses made by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. My grandmother (who was born and raised in Mexico!), often wore breezy, hand-embroidered pieces that she had purchased on trips back home to visit her family and I always thought they were so beautiful. Since I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Mexico as an adult, I haven’t been able to find authentic, quality pieces until I discovered this brand! I absolutely love how well the company treats the artisans that they partner with and I am SO impressed with the product quality! I’m now a forever customer.

Hill House Nap dresses – I mentioned this brand in my house dress post, but I wanted to highlight them further because I absolutely love the cuts and styles of the dresses that they offer. They’re absolutely perfect for wearing around the house (especially during the summer), but can easily transition to running errands. I adore my Christina nap dress and new styles recently launched for the summer! Highly recommend.

Skinny Mixes – This brand has created Sugar-Free, Calorie-Free syrups and Low-Calorie cocktail mixes. I recently wrote a post sharing my super-easy, lightened up cocktails and almost all of the drinks include one of these mixes or syrups. Since I am personally watching my waistline after gaining the Quarantine Fifteen, I was thrilled to discover these products because they make being healthier a breeze. I was a bit nervous that maybe they wouldn’t taste very good since they’re sugar-free, but they taste so close to the traditional syrups / mixes — I was shocked. I actually prefer the margarita mix to any other mix I have ever used before. Love!
(Click here for $5 off your first order!)

P.Volve – As I mentioned above, I fell prey to the Quarantine Fifteen now that my daily walks to / from work aren’t happening right now. My husband and I have been considering ordering a Peloton (I know… so late to the party), but I have also been very curious about this complete workout system for exercising at home. My friend Jess Keys has talked about it before and she says she has really enjoyed the workouts throughout quarantine. I’ve gotta find a way to get more active, especially as the idea of going into a gym post-quarantine sounds like my personal nightmare, so I hope this will be a great home solution for me. Maybe you’re looking for a home workout too? They seem to be running a lot of equipment and workout course subscription sales over the past few months, so if you’ve been looking for something like I have, this may be the time for us to jump on the opportunity!

LoveShackFancy x Bandier: The sweetest printed workout gear that completely sold out online within the hour after launch (it may have even been within a half hour), but has been rumored to be in process of a restock since the pieces were so insanely popular. I literally missed my preferred items in my size by A MINUTE. Fortunately, I was able to call one of their store locations and they had the items in stock and were able to process the transaction / ship to me so I should have my bra and leggings mid next week and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. Bandier was selling the newly launched pieces on their website as well, so hopefully there will be two places to shop the restock, which means a higher chance of being able to snag the pieces that you want so gird your loins, set all the alarms, and get ready to quickly make your e-purchase(s)!

Click HERE for access to the restock!

“Frenchify” series by Rebecca Plotnick – As an avid francophile, this Frenchify series has really been a bright spot for me. Rebecca of the Every Day Parisian blog has put together some amazing suggestions on how to Frenchify your wardrobe, rooms of your home, your pantry, and even a proper Parisian picnic! Any of the tips / products I have used have all helped to trick my brain into mentally transporting me back to Paris (somewhere that we are currently unable to travel to due to COVID-19 restrictions) which helps to ease my constant urge to travel. I think you’ll love reading them and “Frenchifying” your own life!

Maison Louis Vuitton: The Art of Craftsmanship – It’s no secret that I love heritage brands (especially Louis Vuitton!) so it shouldn’t surprise you that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these installments. The care and attention to detail is just so impressive!

Happy Friday, everyone!
I hope that you all enjoy your weekend.
Sending hugs.

xx, Natalie

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