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Easy, Lightened Up Cocktails

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I’ve had to become my own bartender while everyone’s been under quarantine, so in an effort to enjoy multiple cocktails without getting too buzzed and / or limit the calories I’m consuming I’ve created my own variations on a few classic cocktails (read: I’ve essentially created a bunch of different spritzes – ha!). I wanted to keep things interesting for myself while sheltering-in-place, so instead of just having the same drink over and over, I created “recipes” for some lightened-up versions of my favorite adult beverages (FYI: most of them can easily be made into mocktails). These drinks are so simple I doubt I’m the first person to create these combinations so I’m using the term “recipes” VERY loosely here. lol!
I’m also including links to the traditional versions of these cocktails in case you decide that you’d like to make the real thing – just click on the name of the drink to be taken to the classic version of the recipe. 😉

– 1.5 fl oz Tequila (66 cal)
– 4 oz Skinny Margarita Mix (5 cal)
– 1 can Lime La Croix (0 cal)
Tajin rim + lime wedge garnish

– 1.5 oz Tequila (66 cal)
– 1/2 oz Skinny Simple Syrup (0 cal)
– 1 can Grapefruit La Croix (0 cal)
– splash lime juice (0 cal)
Tajin rim

– 1 oz Gin (65 cal)
– 1/2 oz Skinny Simple Syrup (0 cal)
– 1 can Lemon La Croix (0 cal)
– dash angostura bitters (~8 drops?) 0 cal
– lemon slice garnish

– 1 oz Gin (65 cal)
– 1/2 oz lime juice (0 cal)
– 1 can Lime La Croix (0 cal)
– lime slice garnish

– 1 oz Vodka (65 cal)
– 1 can Limoncello La Croix (0 cal)
– lemon slice garnish

– 1 oz Vodka: 65 cal
– 12 oz Spicy Hot V8: 70 cal
– citrus or pickled veggie garnish
Tajin and cracked pepper rim

– 1.5 oz Aperol (75 cal)
– 3 oz Sparkling Wine (50 cal)
– 1 can of Plain sparkling water or Tangerine La Croix (0 cal)
– orange slice garnish

– 1 pk Sangria mix dissolved in 1 cup cold water (60 cal per serving)
– 3 oz Sparkling Wine (50 cal)
– 1 can Lemon La Croix (0 cal)
– citrus for garnish (orange, lemon, and lime)
optional: 1/2 oz brandy (32 cal)

– 1/2 oz Lemon/Elderflower Skinny Syrup (0 cal)
– 3 oz Sparkling Wine (50 cal)
– 1 can Lemon La Croix (0 cal)

– 2 oz orange juice (28 cal)
– 3 oz Sparkling Wine (50 cal)
– 1 can Tangerine La Croix (0 cal)

– 1/2 oz Skinny Coconut Syrup (0 cal)
– 1 can Pineapple White Claw (70 cal)
optional: blend with a handful of frozen pineapple (1/2 cup = 37 cal)
and a spoonful of sugar-free Cool Whip ( 2 tbsp = 15 cal) for a creamy treat

I think my favorite [food / drink] discovery of 2020 has been Jordan’s Skinny Syrups… they help to complete the flavor profile of most of my cocktails while keeping their calorie counts low (plus, they’re incredibly affordable). I’m absolutely obsessed with the margarita mix — I’m totally ruined now and will never be able to go back to regular margarita mix again. I hope that you enjoy making these easy, lightened-up cocktail “recipes” this summer! 😊

Oh, and click here for $5 off of your first order of Skinny Mixes!

Let me know if you have any questions or beverage suggestions in the comments section below!

xx, Natalie


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