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Sunday Shopping: One-Piece Swimsuits

Growing up in Florida, I used to be a strictly bikini girl; I had an entire drawer of my dresser dedicated to swim tops and bottoms. Old habits must die hard because even though I don’t get to use swimsuits as often in the Pacific Northwest, I still have a swimsuit drawer.

And while I’ll always have a soft spot for bikinis, I have a newfound love for one-piece swimsuits — they can be so chic if you find the right cut and style for your body. Since I’ve been shopping for a one-piece for myself, I thought I’d share a roundup of some of the cute styles and patterns that I’ve found across the web! There are so many cute options available this summer, even if all you’re doing is wearing them in your back yard to your inflatable kiddie pool.

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sixteen. // seventeen. // eighteen. // nineteen.

This sounds like a really cool swimsuit concept and @natalieborton raves about them. I’ve also heard great things about the Summersalt brand — I especially like this, this, and this style. I didn’t know this brand was more than just workout wear. This and this brand have expanded beyond lingerie — both brands’ swimsuits are so cute! And I just found out about this awesome brand. These suits are pretty cute and Target actually has some cute one-piece swimsuits right now too!

Additionally, be sure to take good care of your swimsuits so that they last for a long time.

Happy shopping!

xx, Natalie

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