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Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Some of my favorite summer childhood memories in Florida were spent on my grandfather’s sailboat. I gained my “sea legs” at a very early age and quickly fell in love with being out on the water. No matter what else was going on, if the sailing conditions were even remotely decent we were out on the boat. We used to sail in a few regattas throughout the year so when the races were over we would celebrate as a crew (as well as with other competing teams), and my grandfather was always serving up his favorite frozen cocktail: strawberry daiquiris. It became a tradition and everyone looked forward to a “Ben Skinner Daiquiri” after a tough day of racing.

Please forgive this grainy photo… it’s been harvested from a decade old Facebook upload. 🤣

When my grandfather passed away in 2017, all of the gathered family and friends toasted him with a frozen daiquiri – it was the perfect tribute. ☺️ While I miss my “Poppin” every day, I feel grateful to have these delicious recipes and traditions to remember him by. Today, I’m going to share his daiquiri recipe with you because it feels selfish to keep it to myself (and frankly, summertime is HOT and frozen drinks are such a great way to chill out).

The original frozen drink recipe calls for:
12 oz rum
1/3 of a 12 oz can of Minute Maid Limeade
6 large fresh strawberries
8 tsp of sugar

However, that recipe makes a fairly large batch and it’s just the two of us lately so I cut the recipe in half and modified it a bit (because I love strawberries and only had fresh lime juice instead of frozen concentrate), so here’s my version that makes two servings:

6 oz rum (I used Bacardi)
2 oz lime juice
6 fresh strawberries (any size)
1 oz of Skinny Mixes Simple Syrup ($5 off here)

Let me tell you: they’re just as good as I remember.
We were allowed non-alcoholic versions as kiddos, but as we became teenagers my grandfather was more lenient than my mom was when it came to booze so my appreciation for this beverage has pretty deep roots. 🤣 I mean, it wasn’t like he would ever let us get hammered… as teenagers we were only allowed one glass (with no refills).

These are dangerous because they sneak up on you… they taste like a yummy frozen strawberry drink and then all of a sudden you’re talking to a house plant. 🤣 Proceed with caution.

I hope that you enjoy this cocktail as much as our family does.
Cheers to yummy summer drinks and family traditions!

xx, Natalie


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