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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Since time feels like it is both standing still and in fast-forward these days (… or is that just me?) another national holiday is right around the corner. With Father’s Day rapidly approaching (Sunday, June 21st) and with the pace of shipping being what it is while we remain socially distant / cautious it’s definitely about time to be placing any gift orders.

To get your gifting juices flowing (that’s a thing, right?) I rounded up some products that would make great presents for the guys in your life. Some of these items are ones that my husband already owns and loves; others are items that I have only just found out about and thought would make exceptional gifts. Without further ado… here we go!

Carry-On Duffle Bag: I’ve definitely shared my husband’s passion for Filson before so this gift should come as no surprise to you. It may seem a bit impractical now as travel is extremely limited, but things won’t be this way forever and these bags truly stand the test of time. Filson became a heritage brand by making high quality products and their luggage is no exception. My husband [typically] travels often for work and all of his Filson luggage (as much as he tries to take care of it) has been through the air-travel ringer. The price is a bit of an investment, but they are truly amazing bags and are well worth their cost.

Dopp Kit: Obviously in the same vein as the previous gift, but a more affordable option and isn’t necessarily travel-specific (he could keep his shaving kit in it, etc.). Filson is all about the details and even their smaller products are created with the same level of care and attention. A gift to stand the test of time!

Manscaped Kit: It’s no secret that we’ve all gotten a bit hairier as salons and barbershops have been closed for the past three months. While we wait for these services to reopen (or even after they do reopen, having to book a super far-out appointment!) he may as well try his hand at self-grooming by cleaning, trimming, and conditioning as needed. With any luck (and this kit!), his new grooming habits will continue beyond quarantine.

Leather AirPod case + Phone Case + Wallet: These items are sold individually by the same retailer and because they’re relatively small I decided to combine them in the same section. I’ve heard great things about these products from friends’ partners and I know my husband loves his leather AirPod case; they’re a small way to add a little luxury to daily life.

Leather Coasters: If you use coasters in your home, but what you’re using are the promotional pulpboard ones from your local bar this gift would be a major glow-up. You could also pair this gift with a set of glassware — there are so many cool options to choose from: classic cuts design, clean and modern, or something even more personal like a custom map of his favorite city etched into the glass (hometown, college town, place where you met, etc.).

Whiskey Oak Box: Going a bit further than just glassware, this beautiful oak box also comes with whiskey rocks (to chill the drink without watering down) and coasters! The space on the right could be used for a bottle of his favorite whiskey to complete the package.

Flaviar Whiskey Club Membership: Continuing on the boozy theme (for the whiskey-lover!) a whiskey club membership! A great way to discover whiskies of various regions and try lots of different flavor profiles. The great part about this company in particular is that the memberships are pretty customizable!

Sea Bags Maine + BBQ Sauce Set: I have been a HUGE fan of Sea Bags for a few years now mainly due to my childhood spent sailing with my grandfather, but also because the company repurposes used sail fabric for their bags – SUCH a cool, eco-friendly idea! If you’re unfamiliar with the fabric used for sails, it’s incredibly durable and makes an excellent material for a tote bag (especially paired with rope handles); plus, who doesn’t love a good nautical theme? This year, Seabags has partnered with another local Maine company (Captain Mowatt’s) that sells marinades, condiments, and hot sauces to create a great Father’s Day package by including their best sellers. This gift would be ideal for the griller in your life!

Hot Sauce Subscription Clubs: Speaking of hot sauces, do any of you know a glutton for punishment? Then this is the gift for your guy — a membership for a hot sauce subscription. I personally can’t deal with much more kick than you get from Jalapeño or Serrano peppers, but I know plenty of fellas that love to crank up the heat on their food! Getting exposure to new hot sauces every month would be such a great gift for the “Heat Seeker” in your life!
(“That’s the gift that keeps on givin’, Clark!” -Cousin Eddie)

Vintage Gentlemen Leather Apron: Okay, I just had to include this one. If your guy is handy and doing his own carpentry / woodworking or is even just really interested in smoking / grilling, I thought this would be such a cool gift. The leather would last forever and get softer with each use (not to mention also be protective against any flying debris). It’s a masculine design so he shouldn’t give you any pushback about it being an apron, and there are so many pockets for keeping his tools handy as he works!

An Espresso Machine: We love our DeLonghi espresso machine and my husband uses it regularly (admittedly more than I do! #coldbrewqueen). It takes both whole beans and ground coffee, and has the ability to make just about any coffee drink that you can dream up. I think a coffee machine is such a personal decision based on: (1) how frequently you drink coffee throughout the week (every day or just weekends?), (2) how much coffee you drink per day (one cup or eight?), and (3) how you take your coffee (do you take it black or do you want a milk steamer / frother?), so a little research is going to be required here. Once you’ve determined what’s going to be the best for your family, I’ve linked a helpful review of a few different options at varying pricepoints here.

AppleTV / ShieldTV: I honestly don’t ever want to go back to life before we bought our AppleTV. It’s the perfect “dashboard” for all of your streaming apps (I mean, we all have so many now, right? Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, PrimeVideo, HBOGo, HBOMax, etc.) — it keeps you logged in to all accounts and syncs seamlessly with your other Apple devices (you can use your iPhone as a remote/keyboard!). I don’t know anything about the ShieldTV, but if you’re an Android family it sounds like the most similar option?

Bespoke Post Themed Subscription Boxes: Let someone else do all of the shopping for you! These subscription boxes look like the coolest; all of the products look like they’d be perfect for a “man’s man” kind of guy. I also love that there are a bunch of different options to choose from — such a tough decision!

I hope this list was helpful for you and even if these gifts don’t exactly pertain to your guy, I hope that it still got your “gifting juices” flowing. 😉

Happy [Early] Father’s Day!

xx, Natalie



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