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HP DeskJet Printer Review

Reviewing the HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer

I never needed a printer / scanner at home because I’ve almost always worked in an office setting where I had a device available to me for any of my very occasional printing needs, such as travel / event tickets (prior to digital versions), printing shipping / return labels, etc.

Ever since quarantine went into effect, I would find myself wishing that I had a printing / scanning device at home for both personal and professional use… so, of course, I started shopping.

I wanted something compact that wouldn’t take up much room, was stylish, was WiFi-enabled, and had both scanning and printing functionalities. The HP DeskJet 3755 had all of the features I was looking for so once I located a retailer that had the color I wanted in stock I placed an order!

I recently received my new printer / scanner and you would have thought it was Christmas. 🤣 I was SO EXCITED to set it up! I was a little worried that it might be a little heavy, but it was surprisingly light for this kind of multi-function machine. I love it’s sleek profile and how small it can be on your desktop, especially if you collapse the feeder / receiving trays when not in use.

It came with a power cord, both black and multi-color ink cartridges, and instructions. The setup literally couldn’t have been easier — (1) plug the machine into an outlet, (2) power it on, (3) insert the ink cartridges, (4) expand the feeder / insert paper, (5) open the receiving tray for containing the printed sheets and then (6) download the app for controlling your machine remotely!

The instruction sheet will direct you to: 123.hp.com and from there the setup process is incredibly easy (unless you have forgotten your WiFi password 😅). The setup is guided / straightforward and it takes about ~2 minutes per device; I set up printing functionality on both my Macbook and my iPhone (PC & Android options also available). The printer “test page” will give you the machine’s specific email address so that you can print remotely. 🤯 WHATTTTT?! So cool.

I want to be clear that I’m only an occasional printer so printing high volume and high-definition images aren’t priorities for me. In fact, the ink cartridges for this printer / scanner are pretty small so if you’re looking for a high-volume printer, this is wouldn’t be the device for you.

I bought ours from here, but I also found the same model available here, here, here, here and a refurbished option here.

Don’t forget to order paper if you don’t have some already! That’s the only thing that the printer does NOT include, everything else comes with the device. I’m incredibly pleased with my new tech toy — if you’re also an occasional printer and in the market for a machine, I highly recommend it!

If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comment section below!

xx, Natalie

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