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Outdoor Storage Refresh

When you first buy a house you have absolutely no clue what products, appliances / tools, and storage that you need (I know we didn’t), especially if you have any kind of yard. Of course we knew that needed a place to keep our gardening / yard tools, but it took us six years to realize that the shed we had bought back then was a bit large for our needs. We originally purchased it not knowing how much space we would need for tools, and we figured it would be better to have more storage space than not enough. If you’re interested in a “walk-in” sized outdoor storage solution, this is the newer model of our current shed which has served us well and we’ve been very pleased with the quality of the product, it’s just more than we need (we’ll be donating it, so it won’t go to waste; it’s still in excellent shape!).

We have an incredibly small yard (our house takes up the majority of the property’s footprint) so as it turns out, we don’t need very many maintenance tools. Now that we have a better idea of what we actually use for our property, we definitely want to downsize our storage container so we ordered this outdoor storage chest. The Brightwood 120 Gallon Plastic Deck Box was just the right size and style for us. Of course, there are a few items that we have that are a bit longer than the box (such as a rake and a shovel), but those tools can be stored in the utility space in our basement.

The things that drew us to this particular product are:

(1) Size: The dimensions of this box (23.74” H x 57.08” W x 27.44” D) are much more agreeable for our needs and will hold all of our items.

(2) Style: The chest with lifting lid, suspension basket and storage net will help to keep our things organized and easy to access. The design of a realistic wood texture and clean white exterior color work perfectly with our home’s style so it will match our aesthetic rather than seeming out of place.

(3) “Lockability”: Let’s be real… Seattle is a fairly large city and there will always be some element of crime so being able to lock this box and deter theft is definitely a priority. Not glamorous, but realistic.

(4) Outdoor-Friendly: This box is going to live outside, so it is super important for us that it is durable while being exposed to the elements. Fortunately, this storage chest is made from polypropylene resin which is water-resistant and UV protected so it should last for quite a while.

The storage chest required assembly, but it was super easy and the instructions were very clear — no meltdowns! 🤣 I am always impressed that we continue to find all of the home items that we need on Wayfair! There are so many other colors, sizes, and styles of outdoor storage to fit whatever your aesthetic and needs may be. We’re super happy with our purchase so I wanted to share it with you in case you’re also in the market for something similar (p.s. it’s a great “project” to get done while we have this extra time at home)!

Sending hugs and I hope you have a great day.

xx, Natalie


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