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Friday Finds: Volume 17

Welcome back to Friday Finds, you guys! I know it’s been a minute since my last FF post… I don’t want to just arbitrarily make a post just because it’s Friday unless I actually have some cool stuff to share with you, and I’ve finally discovered enough items to quantify writing a post!

My mom is coming to Seattle for a visit in about a week, so that’s pretty exciting! She hasn’t been out to the west coast since she attended our wedding last June so we’re all really looking forward to it (expect lots of Seattle touristy stuff on Instagram during that time! lol).

Delectable Phone App: I am thrilled to have discovered this app for my phone — it enables you to scan any bottle of wine and get ratings/descriptions when you’re out shopping for vino! How convenient is that?! I’ve been using it every time that I go to the grocery store to grab a bottle of wine that I am unfamiliar with (mostly to avoid oaky and buttery chardonnays – yuck!).

Allbirds Tree Breezer Flats: I haven’t really gotten into the Allbirds craze mostly because I’m not super into sneakers, but I think that their business is super cool and fully support what they’re doing. I was really excited to see that they are now offering a ballet flat style, which is definitely more in my fashion “wheelhouse”. The next time I am looking for a comfortable pair of ballet flats, I’m definitely ordering a pair! (my closet is at full capacity right now and I’m pretty sure that my husband would murder me if I bought another pair of shoes…)

Noka Superfood Smoothies: I have always equated smoothie or fruit pouches with children because they’re easy to eat, hold, and moms can toss them into their diaper bags as the perfect on-the-go snack! I saw these for sale recently at the Hudson News near our gate at SeaTac Airport and was intrigued, so I bought a pouch to keep with me during our travels. It was surprisingly tasty, does not need to be chilled/refrigerated, and an excellent -filling- snack. Right now I can only find them sold in bundles online (packs of 6 or 12 of either one flavor or a pre-set variety pack), but I think they’re great to have on-hand for kids and adults alike! I chose the strawberry/pineapple pouch, but Noka has a few flavor combinations to choose from. I was also excited to learn that the whole pouch is only 4 WW SmartPoints!

The Cereal School: While on my forever quest to make healthier food decisions without fully sacrificing flavor or eating experience, I have come across low-carb cereal options by The Cereal School. They only have two flavor varieties right now, but I hope that their line expands to mimic even more popular grocery store brands. The great news to take away from this is that those of us looking for calorie-conscious options can still enjoy our cereal!

House Wine & Cheez-its.jpg

Boxed Wine & Crackers: On a completely different note (read: NOT health-conscious, because #balance , right?), House Wine and Cheez-Its are teaming up to sell a boxed combo of their goods which is the PERFECT one-and-done for summer picnics or Girls Night In! How amazing is that?? Apparently the two items have been a phenomenon for a while now, but the companies are embracing the combination and marketing it to their fanbase (and beyond)! This is a limited edition item so if you’re interested, get your order in ASAP! 🙂

Speaking of picnics, do you have any plans for the rest of the summer? We’ll be making our annual visit to Napa in mid-August and I just can’t wait to relax and sip wine with my babe!

Stay cool and enjoy your weekend, friends!

xx, Natalie

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