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Favorite Kiehl’s Products (For Him)

Kiehl’s products are an absolute staple in our household and, believe it or not, it was all my husband’s doing! I was content using my drugstore brands when we met, but by his insistence I slowly started adopting more and more products into my routine. Now, I’m almost exclusively using Kiehl’s — and I love it! My husband won’t use anything else; his entire cabinet of personal products consists of Kiehl’s brand. I wanted to share his favorites with you in case you are looking for Father’s Day gift inspiration!


Body Fuel All-in-One Energizing Wash:
My husband swears by¬†this body wash. His favorite part is the cooling tingle from the peppermint that feels so refreshing, especially in the summer months. It smells great, lathers up nicely and doesn’t leave any kind of residue. It comes in multiple sizes, but my husband always uses a generous amount during each shower so it makes more sense for us to have the liter pump bottle.


Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner:
This cleansing/conditioning combo is exactly what my husband needs — he doesn’t have the patience for two separate products and this is an excellent solution! My handsome man has curly hair that’s on the longer side and this Shampoo/Conditioner effectively cleanses and prevents dryness. Again, my husband uses a generous amount so the liter size makes sense for us, but this product also comes in multiple sized bottles.


Creme with Silk Groom:
This hair styling product is the perfect combination of hold and flexibility; it holds style without being crunchy or too firm. This creme is an essential part of my husband’s every day routine and comes in two tube sizes.
(If you’re wondering about his comb, this is the one that he uses).


Ultimate Strength Hand Salve:
My husband has super dry hands, to the point where it doesn’t take much to cause them to crack and bleed (even if it’s not winter time). He has tried just about every lotion remedy under the sun and this product has been the only one that actually absorbs well/doesn’t leave a residue and provides heavy-duty moisture. I actually keep a small tube of it in my purse for “emergencies” when we’re not at home, because it’s honestly the only thing that can rescue his hands! If you know someone with super dry skin, this is guaranteed to change their lives.


Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion:
Instead of washing his face with actual soap, my husband only uses this astringent to remove excess oil from his face (and somehow it works for him?). It’s super effective, but certainly drying (as it is formulated to be) so this product may not be for everyone.


Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant & Deodorant Cream:
This product took a little getting used to because the applicator is a little unconventional. Instead of being a solid stick or a gel that is distributed through little holes in a traditional “stick” style of deodorant applicator, this cream comes through a single hole from the tube and is applied to the armpit with the rounded “tip”(?). Once he used this product for a few days, he said he’d never go back to the traditional style of deodorant and I can confirm that it is absolutely effective!


If you can’t decide which products you think he’d like best, Kiehl’s always offers gift sets with smaller trial sizes
(which are also a perfect gift for the traveling man in your life!).

Have you used Kiehl’s products before? Which ones do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

xx, Natalie

p.s. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own!


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