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Maintenance Monday: Sweater S[h]aver

I recently discovered Conair’s Fabric Defuzzer through Instagram influencer @karlareed (she has amazing shopping/style tips!) and I can not believe that I have lived my entire life without one of these magic devices. I ordered one through Amazon on Karla’s recommendation because it was less than ten dollars and I figured it wasn’t that big of a risk in case it didn’t work.

But OH. MY. GOD. Does it work! I used it on my favorite cardigan – I’ve had the sweater for probably ten years and I love it, but it’s seen some use and has MAJOR pilling as a result. I love the sweater, but rarely wear it because I was so embarrassed about it’s condition… it just happened to be the perfect test for my new tool.

Honestly, this device couldn’t be easier to use. It requires two AA batteries, you can adjust it to one of three options (which determine how close you want the blade will get to the material), and just switch it on!

It has a little container area that catches the little cut fibers and collects them for disposal. I couldn’t believe how much I took off of ONE SWEATER. I had to keep emptying the container to make room for more fibers, but by the time I was done running the defuzzer over my sweater it looked as good as new! I am super impressed and still can’t believe how great my cardigan looks.

My beloved sweater looks basically brand new!
(Omg and check out that pile of fiber pills it pulled off! 😳)

I can’t recommend this tool enough for making your existing clothes look like they’ve never been worn! For $10 and two AA batteries, it’s a pretty great deal for saving your wardrobe!

Navy Cardigan.jpg

What tool or product have you found to be useful for taking care of your clothes?
I’d love to hear – let me know in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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