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Sunday Shopping: January 2019

I know that winter is still technically in full swing, but this year has definitely been a lot warmer than usual and I can feel my Spring Cleaning urges ready to come out! My husband and I have been talking about making minor improvements and upgrades to our entryway/foyer for years now and I’m so ready for them! The foyer is everyone’s first impression when they enter your home and I want ours to be both functional and inviting.

For our front porch, I’d like to swap out the light fixture. It’s a simple enough change, but something that can honestly make a world of difference. Our house was updated and furnished by professional home “flippers” before we bought it, so while all finishes are functional and uniform throughout the house, they’re not exactly the style that we would have chosen. I really like this option as well as this one. Both are really well-priced and are classic styles that could be used with a variety of different home designs. I also really love having a wreath on our front door; I picked one up from Target last autumn and just adored the seasonal touch it added to our home. The one that I ordered yesterday is more of a simple, all-season wreath that I plan to add a striped bow to for the spring and summer months. For the winter season, we always pick up a gorgeous live holiday wreath from City Peoples Garden Store, but if push-came-to-shove I could easily turn this wreath into a holiday one by adding a red bow. So versatile! I’d also like to replace our welcome mat… our existing one is just becoming well-worn.

As far as the interior goes, we definitely want to replace the light fixture inside the entryway. The fixture that is there now is an obtrusive style and we’d prefer one with a slimmer silhouette. Umbrellas are SO crucial in the Pacific Northwest and we need a dedicated stand to keep ours in. (side note: these are hands-down THE. BEST. umbrellas; you can thank me later). We need a solution that is simple and classic without being too modern/minimalist… I found a lot of different styles that I liked, but they just didn’t go with our decor (ginger jar style, mercury glass, silver claw-foot, and French shabby chic). Finally, I came across a winner! It met all of our requirements: made of a sturdy material that wouldn’t rust, large enough to accommodate our umbrellas without taking up a ton of space, and stylish enough to avoid being an eyesore.

We also desperately need a little bench to sit on for easy shoe removal and to hide the large cold air return vent on the floor. I mean, we don’t want to cover it completely because that’s where the air comes from to heat the entire house so we don’t want to obstruct the air flow, but maybe just visibly tuck it away so that it’s a little less noticeable. (Even though I really like this style that offers additional storage!). Just like our previous decisions, we wanted a traditional look that is a little modernized, but not too edgy. I adore a tufted cushion, so this and that bench initially caught my eye, but then I saw this bench as well as this one that both have under-seat storage that still leave plenty of room for air flow! But the gilded and slightly more modern style of this and this bench completely stole my heart. I hope that I can convince my husband that we need the Ivy Bronx Upholstered Bench – it’s the perfect size and style for what we need (+ it’s on major sale!).

Another little spring-y update would be to add a little vase of faux flowers to a table near the entryway or on a table immediately visible from the foyer. It’s a little touch of nature and nothing implies spring more than flowers! This small vase of flowers would be perfect for a small entryway table and this arrangement would look beautiful on a stack of books on a coffee table!

Lastly, I know this post may seem to be sponsored by Wayfair, but it isn’t. They just have a great selection at very reasonable prices! They’re definitely one of my go-to’s for home decor.

Prediction: Punxsutawney Phil isn’t going to see his shadow next Saturday on Groundhog Day. Are you itching for spring to start or are you still enjoying the season of hygge? Tell me in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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