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Friday Finds: Volume 8

Happy Friday, you guys! I’m feeling so refreshed this week and I’m finally getting around to organizing all of the content that I want to share with you this year! These ideas have been floating around in my head for months(?) years(??) and it’s an amazing feeling to have even just a few of the topics written on my schedule. I do so much better with a little structure and planning – how about you guys? Do you prefer to have completely free rein or do you enjoy having some parameters to work within?

I hope your week has gone well and that your weekend is happy and restful!

Seattle Cocktail Week: “Seattle Cocktail Week is a week-long celebration of the Emerald City’s cocktail scene. Over 50 participating bars and the world’s best liquor brands will come together to highlight all of the best cocktail concoctions available in Seattle – all while benefiting a local charity in our community.” Each participating location will have a special cocktail offering in addition to their normal menus during the week of March 3-7th with additional events through the 10th (including industry-specific educational events). My husband and I really enjoy a majority of the restaurants/bars participating in SCW and we can’t wait to try their special offerings!

Aerosoles Martha Stewart Collection: Okay, so maybe I’m just late to the party, but since when did Martha get into the shoe design game? And while I adore 99.9% of what Martha usually creates, I was a little dubious about her fashion design abilities… but I will never doubt again! How freaking cute are these rubber equestrian-style boots? And they’re made with super comfy Aerosoles memory foam insoles?? I need a pair!

BrassyBra: If you’re a woman that has ever tried to wear a low cut or backless top/dress, you know the challenges we face trying to maintain proper breast support while keeping strap visibility to a minimum. I love to shop, but it’s often frustrating for me when I find a dress or top that I absolutely adore, but I know I’ll never be able to wear it because I don’t have the proper undergarments. Enter BrassyBra. It’s a revolutionary adhesive bra that comes in a handful of “nude” colors for a variety of skin tones that stays put once applied and keeps your girls where you want them. BrassyBra offers their adhesive bra for sizes A-DDDD(!!!) and my favorite part? They’re waterproof, so they won’t lose their stickiness halfway through the night. I just ordered my first set for an event that I have next week and I’ll be sure to report back with my findings. This could be a total game changer, ladies! They’re super affordable, so I encourage you to try them for yourselves. 🙂

MegaBabe: Lately, I have been trying to make the effort to incorporate more natural beauty and hygiene products into my routine, and in doing my research I keep coming across the name MegaBabe, specifically for the popularity of their deodorant “Rosy Pits”. Everyone swears that it’s the only natural deodorant on the market that is actually as effective as a traditional deodorant that also keeps you smelling fresh. MegaBabe also offers a variety of other items such as an Anti-Chafe Stick, Anti-Boob Sweat Spray, and MegaFresh Wipes. I’m going to order a stick of Rosy Pits and I can’t wait to try it!

What are you excited for this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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