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Maintenance Monday: How To Prepare Your Hydrangea For Spring

Every year I am amazed that I have somehow managed to keep this hydrangea plant alive… and it is not only alive but thriving! I want to keep it coming back and producing it’s fluffiest flower clusters year after year.

The best way that I have found to do this is actually in the colder months. After the first freeze of the year, I “deadhead” or remove any brown flowers from their stems to make room for new blossoms!

I used a pair of pruning shears from a 3-piece set that I bought years ago (found some cute options here, here and here). These tools have actually been my gardening ride-or-die and I highly recommend getting these items (as a set or individually) if you don’t have any gardening tools yet and need somewhere to start! I also wore a pair of gardening gloves which probably wasn’t necessary for this task, but sometimes my hands get poked by rogue stems and it was super chilly in Seattle today so their secondary job was to keep my hands warm.

Inspect each stem that has a faded cluster of flowers and find the closest “joint” to the top where two buds are lying in wait for spring and snip just above that, getting as close to the buds as possible without damaging them. Continue on this pattern until you have removed all of the crunchy brown blooms around the bush.

Every year when I complete the process I complain that the plant looks so dead as just a bundle of sticks… but I promise that it roars back to life every spring! Hydrangea are definitely in my Top Five Favorite Flowers… they make me so happy. 💗

I’m still loving winter while it’s here, but I can’t lie… I am looking forward to spring flowers too. Anyone else?

What other gardening questions do you guys have? I’m hardly an expert, but I’m learning a few tips and tricks along the way that I’d love to share with you. Let me know in the comments!

xx, Natalie


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