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Friday Finds: Volume 4

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Happy Friday, friends! I hope this week has treated you well. Unfortunately, I have a weekend full of chores and errands to look forward to ahead of our Thanksgiving travels next week. Nevertheless, I am sure that we will be able to squeeze in a little bit of fun… hoping for some Date Nights! What about you guys? Do you have anything fun planned? Let me know in the comments! ☺️

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s Friday Finds…

New Movie: I am an unapologetic Harry Potter fan and I have been since I read the first three novels in middle school. I have waited in line at Barnes and Noble for book releases, gone to the theatre on opening night for [almost] all of the films, and even dressed as a Hogwarts student for a handful of each. Even though the second installment of the Harry Potter saga’s spinoff “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald” hasn’t gotten good reviews from critics, I still can’t wait to see it at our favorite local theatre, Cinerama! Will you be watching it in a theatre or waiting until it’s available to stream?

Big Kahuna “Ma’ono” comes to Capitol Hill: Local favorite watering hole Rachel’s Ginger Beer has recently replaced their food counter occupant Sunset Chicken with the Hawaiian eatery from its University Village location. Ma’ono has done very well at RGB and I’m sure that will continue at its second partnership location. My husband and I can often be found at the Capitol Hill Rachel’s Ginger Beer location and we can’t wait to get our fried chicken fix with a Hawaiian twist on our home turf!!

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Recovered Treasures: Some gorgeous pieces from Marie Antoinette’s personal jewelry collection recently surfaced for an auction. As amazing as it is that people can bid on a piece of history, my heart breaks a little because these relics deserve to be displayed in a museum for all to enjoy. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t incredibly disappointed that I’ll never be able to see these glittering works of art in person. My absolute favorite from the collection has to be the stunning fleur de lys tiara. Can we talk about those massive diamonds on the front?? I mean, I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear a tiara, but something tells me that I could make it work with any and every outfit…

New Favorite Snack: I have been doing my best to replace my snacks with healthier options and what better to munch on than some crafted snack nuts? Blue Diamond has created a line of Gourmet Almonds that are just to die for. This would be the perfect snack to put out if you are hosting any events this holiday season… perfect for pairing with a cheese/charcuterie board or delicious just on their own! There are a variety of flavors to choose from, but I think my favorite is the Rosemary and Sea Salt.

Ice Cream Cakes: Molly Moon’s Ice Cream has partnered with Icebox to bring Seattle ICE CREAM CAKES available at their University Village and Redmond locations! They are offering two amazing flavor options: birthday cake and mint chocolate chip! We can’t wait to try them! We may need to pick one up for an occasion such as… a Tuesday. 😂

image sourced from wholefoodsmarket.com

Holiday Meal Help: If you’re short on time or just not very confident in the kitchen, Whole Foods has got your back this holiday season! I went in to our brand new Capitol Hill location today for a completely unrelated item and noticed an employee set up right by the front door taking orders for either a complete or a la carte Thanksgiving meal! Totally blew my mind! I mean, I knew that you could have someone else cook your holiday meal for you, but having it created by Whole Foods is a pretty stellar alternative! The menu options look absolutely delicious!

Are you guys getting excited for Thanksgiving?
I sure am… I love any holiday that is centered around food! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx, Natalie


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