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Christmas Tree Decor

Merry Christmas, friends!! I know that many of you are getting your Christmas trees this weekend so I thought I would share a few items that we love for our Christmas tree in case you’re looking for similar items to decorate your tree!

We collect our own ornaments that we grab while on a trip or to designate a significant life event to “encapsulate” every year so, unfortunately, I can’t link any of those for you, but our tree star, tree base, and tree collar can all be shared!

We should have trimmed the top of the tree down so that the star’s clip was hidden in the branches, but whatever. 😂 I absolutely LOVE tree topper clips instead of the ones that have the weird spring things as their base because they never seem to stay put! Our exact topper is a few years old, but I have found a few similar styles! This one is the most similar, love this mid-century modern style, and I love the glow of this style!

To each their own when it comes to Christmas lights, but we are partial to the classic, warm white lights. Ours are strands of LED lights that have lasted us for at least 3 or 4 years now; we use four strands on our ~9 foot trees. They’re a combination of constant and twinkling lights… every 5th or 6th bulb twinkles so they’re evenly dispersed throughout the tree and I love the twinkly effect.

If you also get a real tree every year you probably already have your own tree base, but in case you don’t I wanted to share our stand. It’s so easy to put the tree into and align for a perfectly upright position. It’s easy to pour water into and has a little lip around the edge to catch any minor spills or fallen needles (although I hear that these funnels make it even easier to fill!). Our exact style is a few years old so it’s no longer available, but this model seems to be the most recent version (and this stand gets honorable mention because it looks like an awesome alternative). We are personally obsessed with the fresh fir scent that fills the house and not having to assemble and “fluff” the branches of a faux tree. 😬 #sorrynotsorry

Our tree collar was a purchase that we made last year and I absolutely LOVE it! I will never go back to using a tree skirt if I can help it. It’s a bit challenging for us to store in our old house (limited storage options) during the off-season, but otherwise it’s fantastic! I truly can’t recommend it more.
It seems that these tree collars are becoming more and more popular so all of the styles that I am finding are currently out of stock. 😩 That’s not to say that they won’t restock between now and Christmas, but you may end up having to wait to buy one until after the season is over (potentially getting a discount since it will be off-season! 🤞🏼). If I am remembering correctly, that’s how I scored mine last year.
My favorites are: one // two // three // four // five

Happy holiday decorating, friends!

xx, Natalie



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