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Weezie Towel Review

I mentioned in a recent post that for our second wedding anniversary we had decided to gift each other new towels. We have had the same towels for the entire time that we’ve owned our house (seven years! 😳 ) so they were overdue for an upgrade. It may not seem like the most exciting gift, but having new towels has felt like such a luxury (especially during this period of extra time spent at home). We did some research and ultimately decided to order our new towels from Weezie.

We took the plunge and ordered their starter pack + four additional bath towels because we like to have ten towels; eight in the cabinet and two hanging on our bathroom hooks. We don’t require a lot of hand towels in our home so two seemed like the right number for our needs.

Because I tend to gravitate toward neutral colors in our home decor (and in my wardrobe too, if I’m being completely honest) I chose the “sand” color for the piping on the edges of the towels. They arrived with a color that is a bit more… cream than the slightly deeper “greige” shade that I was expecting, but we still like them (honestly, it’s tough to choose colors online because screens vary so much in their color characteristics). I included a screenshot above from their website so you can see the color difference that I’m referring to.

Once we received the towels we immediately followed the instructions to wash them (I mean, we would have done this anyway, but we have been especially diligent to cleanse things during COVID-19!). They’re a bit more maintenance than your average towels, but the care isn’t that extreme — you just have to remember to wash them on cold every time you throw them in laundry even though it’s counterintuitive to how products made with white fabrics are traditionally washed.

After the first set came out of the dryer (they’re so plush, we could only fit 5 towels in our washing machine / dryer at a time!), I folded them the same way I always fold our towels and started to replace the old ones in our cabinet. It was fun to see the comparison because the Weezie towels are visibly so much thicker than our previous ones (for reference, the space on each shelf is exactly the same)!

SO plush and luxurious!

They’re also a bit longer than our previous towels (by about 4″!) and because of that optical illusion they appeared to be narrower, but as it turns out they have the same width as all average sized towels (read: not too short!). If you would like a larger sized towel, Weezie also offers a Bath Sheet option that is both wider and longer than the classic.

Not only are these towels beautiful to look at, but they’re super soft and absorbent! I was a bit skeptical that they would actually absorb much water since the weave is so thick and plush, but they proved me wrong. They also come with a handy little loop along the edge of each towel for easy hanging… it was a feature we never knew that we needed, but we’ve certainly been taking advantage of it.

Because we fold our unused towels in a cabinet and do not have a towel rack in our full bathroom we ultimately decided not to have our towels monogrammed, but I absolutely loved all of the font options (I think “Carter” was my favorite!).

We’re super happy with this upgrade and will continue to buy our towels from Weezie going forward. I definitely recommend making the purchase if you’ve been considering it or if you’re in the market for new bath towels… you truly get your money’s worth.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions in the Comments section below!

xx, Natalie


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