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Reusable Face Mask Roundup

I never thought I would be writing a post about where to find stylish face masks, but here we are. Who knows how long this need for masks will last as it could very well be our “new normal”. In the interest of being safe and preventing the spread of your own [potentially viral] germs, wearing a washable cloth face mask is highly encouraged (and currently deemed necessary to enter some businesses!).

If wearing masks becomes a regular part of our lives I definitely think that this hygienic “accessory” will be another way of expressing ourselves just the same way as our clothes, hairstyles and makeup do, so I imagine finding masks that reflect our personalities will likely be preferred. A lot of brands are coming out with their own masks to provide to their customers and I wanted to share my favorite styles with you guys in case you don’t already have a washable face mask (or you are in need of some more to add in to your rotation). I have ordered a few masks myself, but I have not received all of them because they’re not slated to ship until mid / late June.

Night *
(these are a favorite! get $10 off your first Night mask order here!)
J.Crew *
Rothy’s *
(these Rothy’s masks are my other favorite!)
Le Lion
Old Navy
Tory Burch
Rylee + Cru
Saint James
JL Athletics *
Lilly Pulitzer *
Vera Bradley
Lele Sadoughi
Steve Madden
Sweet & Spark
Lady Pepperell
American Eagle
Loeffler Randall
Needle & Thread
LoveShackFancy *
ShabbyForMe (adults + kids)
Mi Golondrina (adults + kids) *
Briar Handmade (adults + kids)
The Mighty Company (adults + kids)

* = masks I have ordered / own

I also want to mention that you shouldn’t be disheartened if the style you like is sold out; often times brands will restock once they’ve created another batch of masks so I recommend signing up for notification emails or checking back periodically! Retail brands are trying to figure all of this out just like we are, so the majority of them haven’t fully streamlined their mask production process. I’m going to be continuously updating this list as I see companies making masks available for purchase.

I have also seen a TON of cute and affordable masks made by boutique sellers on Etsy so you should absolutely check there as well. The benefits of ordering from small businesses (other than generally supporting them during this difficult time) is that they can typically create masks and ship them much faster than larger brands if you’re in a bit of a hurry to be prepared for Quarantine Re-Opening Phase 2+, wherever you are!

*EDIT: An accessory idea for your mask is a neck chain — I don’t know how hygienic it actually is to let your mask off your face and flap around in the breeze, but it will certainly prevent you from touching your mask with [potentially] dirty hands. Plus, they’re chic AF (the one pictured above is from Lele Sadoughi). This brand has a variety of chain options, but I especially love this innovative mask / chain style from a small business!

*EDIT: For cloth masks that are more of a nuisance to wear, this genius little silicone “cage” keeps the mask’s material out of your mouth and off your face! I love that it’s dishwasher-safe (perfect for sanitizing!) and it’s only $10.

Tips on how to properly clean your mask for maximum efficacy here and guidance here for wearing your masks during sweaty summertime.

One small ask: Wear a Mask! ☺️

If you have an Etsy shop that sells masks or a you found a brand’s mask that you really like, please drop a link in the comments section below!
Stay safe and happy shopping!

xx, Natalie


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  1. Yesss! I’m loving all of the beautiful floral masks. I’m so interested to see how masks impact our lives in the future. I definitely think they’ll be around for a while and we might as well invest in lovely ones while we’re in our phase 1. Great post, Natalie!

    xo Alli | http://www.onthetripside.com

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