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Sephora Sale Picks – April 2020

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It’s time for the SephoraSpring Savings Event”! I always recommend taking advantage of these sales by purchasing those splurge items you’ve been eying or just stocking up on your favorites that you know will get used. I previously wrote a post about my go-to products at Sephora here and always try to keep these items stocked in my beauty cabinet.

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NOTE: If you’re being extra conscious of your finances while we’re all under quarantine, please know that I never want you to feel pressure to buy anything that I recommend (or really any time for that matter). I’m just sharing what I love and what I’m shopping for in case you’re also in the market for something similar. If this information doesn’t serve your needs right now, feel free to skim my list and add some items to your “Loves” List on the Sephora website for a later time or just skip this post altogether. You do you. 💗

Now, I have really been thinking long and hard about what I wanted to purchase during Sephora’s current sale — let’s be real, it’s never an easy decision! I recently watched Bobbi Brown’s Makeup & Beauty Lessons via Masterclass and it gave me so much inspiration for what products I would like to have in my beauty arsenal. I absolutely adore Bobbi and I was overjoyed to hear that she had partnered with Masterclass! Her philosophy on makeup and beauty aligns with mine so I have been dying to get all of her tips and tricks ever since I heard her interview on the “How I Built This” podcast (I absolutely recommend it! You can listen here). She doesn’t directly recommend any specific brands of products in her class (and most labels are intentionally hidden from view), but if you pause the videos and look closely, you can sort of figure out what the brands are… or at the very least you can determine clue words to include in your Google search to narrow it down. 🤣

I’d like to take a quick moment to recommend signing up for Masterclass if you can… they’re currently running a special where you can get two ALL ACCESS ANNUAL PASSES for the price of one. Normally, just one course is $90, but right now you can get unlimited access to ALL courses for an entire year for $180 – and share a free course with a friend (or you can each go halfsies if you want)! 🤯 I only just started my experience with Masterclass, but I am LOVING it so far! The videos are informative and in a logical order, each course has a workbook to download, and they all have a community forum to ask questions and share tips! I can’t wait to start my next course! Okay, back to makeup…

I’ve been trying to recognize gaps in my beauty routine as well as in my bag, so the accidental timing of starting this course just before the Sephora sale couldn’t have been better! As I’m no makeup guru, I’ve learned a lot from the course and it’s given me a lot to think about regarding the products I would like to use going forward. The only issue for me right now is that I really want to test out foundation / concealer colors in the Sephora store, but I can’t do that right now given the COVID-19 restrictions… so I’m going to have to guess, which is always a bit scary.

Overall, I’m looking for minimalist multi-taskers that can help me look and feel the best that I can be. I want to enhance my face without completely changing the way that I look — the “no makeup” makeup. 😉 I feel like I already have a pretty good “baseline” when it comes to my makeup products, but I definitely want to swap a few things out and make some adjustments given my skin’s needs and achieving the look I want.

I’m shopping for a concealer stick in a few different shades… one as an actual concealer for brightening dark circles (so a shade or two lighter than my skin tone) and two that match my skin tone to cover blemishes (one for my winter skin tone and one for my summer skin tone). Given that I can’t test them on my skin in-store right now, I’m ordering a few to try. It’s so hard to choose colors online so I’m just making my best guesses on these. Also looking at this option.

I’m also looking for a complexion stick to give me some sheer overall coverage to even out my skin tone. I’m curious about this type of product because I’ve used both liquid and powder before, but never a stick so we’ll see how this kind of formula goes. I’m also considering this option (with SPF!) and this option.

I’d like to try a cream bronzer / blush that I can apply with my fingertips… either as separate products or combined. I love the hint of healthy color that these products can lend to my complexion! I use my powder bronzer and blush every time I put my makeup on, but I’d like to experiment with some creamy formulas. This bronzer and this blush have me curious too.

Lip pencils: Charlotte Tilbury lipliner in “Pillow Talk” is my favorite! I use it daily either before lipstick or just under my favorite clear gloss to create my own tinted gloss. 😉 I also really love my lip pencil (that can also be used for cheek color!) in “Mystic”.

Can you tell I’m on a Nudestix kick right now? I just discovered the brand on Sephora recently (via my lip pencil purchase) and I’m very happy with that product so I’m excited to try out their other offerings! It would be so awesome to minimize my daily makeup bag/routine (keeping them to mostly sticks?!! 😱) and be able to leave my brushes at home when I travel!

I absolutely love my Bobbi Brown Eye-Opening Mascara and use it daily (even while under quarantine — I feel like it makes me look alive 😂).

Sending you all e-hugs — we’ll get through this. In the meantime, happy shopping! 💗

xx, Natalie


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