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Friday Finds: Volume 18

Happy Happy Friday, friends… and Happy Friday the 13th! It seems as though Summer has had its last hurrah in Seattle and we’re moving along right into the Autumn season (which I am personally SO excited for!). The leaves are starting to change colors, the temps are cooler and Seattle gets a bit cloudier/drizzlier – I am HERE.FOR.IT!

I’m really intrigued by (or already in love with!) this week’s Friday Finds and can’t wait to share them with you! I mentioned one of them at the end of this post, and the other ones are cool things that have just found their way onto my radar recently. Without further ado, I give you this week’s Friday Finds!

Catalog Choice: I don’t know about you, but my husband and I receive SO MANY catalogs in the mail that we never signed up for. It feels so wasteful to toss them immediately into the recycling bin, but we rarely look through them (we basically only ever flip through J.Crew, Filson, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Restoration Hardware). Believe it or not, there’s a free online service available for cancelling unwanted subscriptions! It’s like clicking the “unsubscribe” link in an email footer! Catalog Choice is super easy to use — first, you’ll have to create an account and verify your email, then you can start un-subscribing! Select “Cancel a Catalog” and search for the company name that you want to opt out of (most are already in there, but they’re always adding more vendors to the list!) and answer a few follow-up questions (confirm name spelling, address, any catalog details, and why) — BOOM! Done. I just created an account and will start taking the few seconds out of my day to “unsubscribe” from these unwanted catalogs and I urge you to as well!

Equilibria CBD: CBD products made specifically for women! I have been interested in trying CBD as a natural way for me to manage my anxiety and help me to fall asleep at night, but had NO IDEA where to even begin with my research. Fortunately, one of my fave blogger babes, Jess Keys of The Golden Girl Blog (you should definitely follow her if you aren’t already!), wrote an ENTIRE post dedicated both to (1) breaking down data on CBD in a super digestable (ha!) way, and (2) talking specifically about a CBD brand that she loves and is super passionate about! I love everything Jess recommends, so I trusted her suggestion and ordered the Balance Box just so that I could test it out. Long story short: I love it. It’s made a noticeable difference in my life and I’m so happy to have my anxiety in check! Highly recommend. (Full review post coming soon!)

Diptyque City Candles: Diptyque created a limited edition series of candles with the essence of nine special global cities in mind! Cities for purchase: Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Beverly Hills and Miami. They cost $74 per candle, but the scents sound amazing and you could absolutely repurpose the glass votives once you’ve burned through it. There are limited quantities and only sold online for 5 days (until Monday 9/16) so buy them while you can!!!

My next two finds are similar, but only in the fact that they’re both related to high heels. It’s clear that the fashion industry is taking a second look at high heels and how we can update them to fit our modern lives — I love what both companies are doing and thought you might find them interesting also!

Cole Haan Grand Ambition: Cole Haan is now offering a collection that was made in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Biomechanics Lab. Each shoe was formulated to have uncompromised fit, feel, flexibility and cushioning. I am especially interested in checking out their pumps — these would be IDEAL for women who have to wear high heels to the office and are on their feet all day. #ladyboss

Pashion Footwear: Okay, this one is just cool and creative. With a simple twist and lift, you can transform your heels to flats! *mind blown* I personally think that only the “Pashionista” style (a classic ankle strap heeled sandal) is the most stylish in both forms; I’m not crazy about the other two options, but I hope that they continue to create more styles (would love a pump-to-ballet flat look!). These convertible shoes would be IDEAL for weddings, right?! Such a clever idea and I look forward to seeing where this brand goes!


I hope that you guys liked this edition of Friday Finds and that you have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

xx, Natalie

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