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Sunday Shopping: August 2019

During each year’s transition seasons (Spring and Autumn) I start feeling the need to refresh things in our home (this also typically includes days dedicated to deep cleaning). I feel like I normally start feeling this way as soon as Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Sept 1st), but this year I’m getting the urge a few weeks early… maybe it’s wishful thinking that Summer will be over soon? haha! I’ve already purchased a few of these items and the others are just things on my radar/in my shopping cart.

Sunday Shopping 08.11.2019.png

1. Bedside Sconce Light
To elevate the look of our Master Bedroom as well as open up space on our bedside tables, I am dying to mount sconces on either side of our bed. This particular style would look best with the new headboard (see No. 12 on this list) and I like that they are on extendable arms in case we need to manipulate where we need the light.

2. Paris Poster
Would you believe that I found this online at TJ Maxx!? Crazy. I love it so much and it’s going to be the perfect piece to tie our room together (we’re planning to frame/hang a bunch of our photos from Paris in our dining room).

3. Gingko Autumn Wreath
I already have an autumn wreath that I love, but it’s from last year so I thought I would share a similar one that I would would be ordering if I didn’t already have one. It’s such an easy way to update your home decor for the season change!

4. Linden Tree (Tilleul) Candle
I am SO HAPPY that Diptyque came out with this candle because I fell in love with this fragrance while walking around Seattle this year (how have I never noticed the fragrance of Linden Trees before?!?). I’m certainly going to be burning my pumpkin spice candles during fall, but I am excited to add the Tilleul fragrance to my “always” candle scents.

5. Mini ; 6. Small ; 7. Large ; 8. X-Large
I think that these glass pumpkin cloches are such a classy way to celebrate the Harvest/Halloween season in your home. I want them all, but have zero room to store them for the 9 months out of the year that it isn’t Autumn. lol! Maybe I’ll just snag the small and mini sized ones. Hmmm…

9. Round Mirror Tray
I wanted something that I could use to stylishly wrangle the items on my bedroom dresser, but this would also be perfect for a coffee table or bar cart! I am using mine to contain a framed photo, jewelry organizer, bottle of perfume, a little “catchall” dish, and a small candle with matches. I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived in perfect condition! (I was nervous about the mirror potentially getting broken in transit).

10. Stackable Shoe Organizer
I adore our 1906 house, but with the old charm comes a lot of storage challenges/restrictions. The solution that we had previously chosen to use for our in-closet shoe storage was starting to literally collapse so we had to come up with another option STAT! Thank goodness for The Container Store… we found exactly what we needed and they worked out out perfectly! I’ll be sharing more about it in a later post.

11. Bonjour Doormat
I fell in love with this doormat as soon as I saw it on Anthropologie’s website a few months ago, but it sold out before I could snag one. Luckily, I found out that the brand also sells their doormats on Amazon (and for half the price that Anthro was selling them for!). Our last doormat had been well-used over the past 6 years and you could barely make out the “Welcome” message anymore… it was time for an update.

12. Tufted Headboard
This has been one of my long-term Master Bedroom items… we need a more “adult” headboard than the one we currently have on our IKEA bed frame. Our only challenge is that the walls are angled due to the second floor being in the roofline (again, #1906houselife) so we are limited on how tall the headboard can be. Most tufted headboards are taller and more grandiose — I’m so happy to have found one at the right height and in a neutral color! If this exact style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Wayfair has a HUGE selection of tufted headboards (over 750 options, actually!).

I hope that this little online shopping session helps you beat your Sunday Scaries this week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!

xx, Natalie


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