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Amazon Prime Day Picks 2019

If I’m being honest, I’ve had enough of the Nordstrom Sale. I understand what a big deal it is for bloggers and I of course adore Nordstrom, but every year I always feel beat over the head by the same products and it’s not enough to entice me to sign up for a credit card that I don’t need. (Sorry, Nordstrom; love you!) I appreciate all of the hard work that influencers put in to curate their lists for their followers (really, everything is done with you -our communities- in mind!), but I’m just over the N-Sale. It’s not even open to the public (me!) yet… yikes! The #NSaleburnout is real over here.

Something much more enticing to me is Amazon Prime Day. If I’m being honest, I utilize Amazon for so many things in my life… both professionally and personally! Proud Prime Member over here!!! Clothes are great and all (you know I love me a full wardrobe!), but getting incredible deals on kitchen appliances, electronics and various household items is WAY more appealing to me right now (maybe it’s because I’m about to turn 32?).

*Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase an item from one of my links, I may receive a small commission to help fund my cold brew coffee addiction*

Consori Air Fryer: I have been wanting to add an air fryer to our kitchen SO BAD, but our tiny space doesn’t really have the storage… maybe in our next house. 😉

Vitamix Blender: I use our Vitamix SO frequently, especially for smoothies in the summer! Yes, they’re worth the hype.

Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker: Matt and I almost exclusively drink La Croix at home and I think it would be a great idea to lower our carbon footprint and make our own sparkling water. This one by SodaStream even comes with flavors for the full “La Croix” effect!

FitBit Alta HR: I wear this EVERY DAY to track my steps, heart rate, calories burned and distance walked! I love this particular model because it’s slim so it’s not obnoxious on my wrist, has a display screen, and the bands are interchangeable so you can modify it to fit your lifestyle!

Dyson Ball Animal 2: I. LOVE. MY. DYSON. This thing is such a powerhouse in our home and I can’t imagine [cleaning anything in] my life without it! I even wrote an entire blog post on how to maintain your vacuum to keep that maximum sucking power!

Nest Learning Thermostat: Matt totally got us hooked on Nest products and the thermostat is my best friend, specifically in the summertime when I NEED that a/c to be on when I walk in the front door.

Echo Dot: We have a little Bose speaker for the main floor, but I would love to get a little portable one for upstairs too. This Echo is available at an amazing price – more than half off!!!

Veken French Press: Admittedly, we have an espresso machine at home, but my office uses a French Press to make our coffee and I’ve come to really enjoy it! This one has great reviews and is so pretty! I know that the French Press may look intimidating, but it’s definitely super easy.

Kitchenaid Mixer: Another kitchen tool that I refuse to live without. Being able to have a strong and sturdy machine work on mixing things while you get the use of both hands? Any chef will appreciate the value of that!

Premier Protein: This is probably my favorite Weight Watcher discovery! I drink them all the time and love these shakes so much! High in protein (30g per bottle!) and low in calories, these guys will keep you full for only 2 WW SP! 30% off during Prime Day is a screaming deal! Get on it! (FYI the best flavors are café latte, caramel, vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream).

Cirago Steamer: I have a handheld steamer for our house, but my time working in retail really made me appreciate the value of a deluxe steamer (larger water tank + pole for hangers). I would totally snag this one if I were in the market!

Levoit Air Purifier: I think that both my husband and I could benefit from an air purifier. I have mild dust allergies and my husband suffers from hay fever a few times a year when the whole city is in bloom, so I truly think that an air purifier would greatly improve our health and well-being.

Do you have your eye on anything this year? Let me know in the comments! (I’m so tempted by that air fryer!!!)

xx, Natalie

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  1. Great list! We just picked up the Ring smart lighting path light set and absolutely love it! It’s just shy of 30% off, but you do get the ring bridge included in the set which you can then utilize with other ring smart devices. Bright, motion activated, notifies you when someone passes by (most convenient in the middle of the night) and sleek looking!

    • Natalie in the NW on

      Okay, that sounds awesome! We’ve set our Nest smoke detectors to light up as path lights when they sense motion, but they’re pretty scattered throughout the house so this sounds like a great option for us to supplement! Thanks for the rec! xx

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