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Friday Finds: Volume 12

Happy, Happy Friday, you guys! Another week [almost] on the books! I came down with a mild cold mid-week and have been working from home for the past couple of days as not to share my germs with the rest of the office. I’m finally feeling better today and I wanted to share some cool new discoveries with you!

Aarke Carbonator: I have to tell you, I almost exclusively drink carbonated water. It’s all we have in our refrigerator at home and it’s what I always reach for when I’m out to lunch or even when we’re out to dinner (to accompany my glass of wine, of course)! There’s just something that I love so much about those tiny bubbles! Recently, I have started noticing our recycling bin becoming increasingly full of aluminum cans as the weather grows warmer and we try to stay hydrated. I’d really like to cut back on our waste by getting an Aarke Carbonator – it can turn any still water into an effervescent drink in minutes! Encroyable! Reusing a glass bottle instead of needing to recycle all of those aluminum cans would make a significant impact on reducing our household’s carbon footprint.

Native Shoes: Where have these shoes been all of my life?! Affordable, durable, comfortable, waterproof and stylish? SIGN. ME. UP. I just bought my first pair of Native shoes and I can’t get enough of them. I got the Women’s “Jericho” style because they look similar to classic Keds, but are made of rubber instead of canvas so they’ll be easier to clean (+ no laces!). They’ll be perfect for summer days, especially if we go float on Lake Washington this year — I’m always terrified of stepping on something underwater and I think that water shoes are so ugly. πŸ˜… Problem solved!

Loopy Phone Cases: I used to swear by my PopSocket. It was so great to have something to grip so that I could reach my thumb across the huge screen on my smartphone… but then I started to get cramps in my hand after using my phone for a while. (I know, I know… #firstworldproblems and #millennialproblems , what can I say?) I started seeing Loopy cases everywhere and knew immediately that I had to make the switch. It’s so much more comfortable on my hand and even more secure than straining to grip the PopSocket. It even goes in and out of my purse/pockets a lot easier — the edge on my PopSocket would often catch on the zipper inside my purse or on the material of my back pockets and cause me a lot of frustration. I will say that the only “drawback” is that the loop on the Loopy case will not prop your phone up on its side as well as the PopSocket does. That being said, I think that the pros WAY outweigh the cons – I love my Loopy case! (πŸ“·: @carakuulei)

Blue Light Glasses: After working for an eye clinic for nearly three years, I have learned the importance of wearing blue light protection over my eyes. I will admit that I am constantly looking at screens in my daily life: at my computer when I’m at work, at my phone throughout the day, my tablet in the evenings when my husband and I catch up on tv shows… they’ve become a part of our modern-day lifestyles, there’s no way around it. There are studies that show that prolonged exposure to blue light from our screens actually affect our eyes! I, for one, am not interested in damaging my eyes if I have control over it! My favorite affordable option that still offers a similar quality filter that you would get from an optical shop is through a company called DIFF. I have three pairs of their polarized sunglasses – they’re excellent quality for a great price and a good cause. I know their blue light filtering glasses are no different; if you’re reading this, you probably need a pair. Go check them out.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: One of my favorite day trips from Seattle is to Skagit Valley to see the tulips. It’s such a cool experience and fun way to spend a few hours. (It’s actually become an annual tradition for us!) The flowers should be blooming any day now, so check out my post with some tips on how to make the most of your visit to Mount Vernon this month!

Let me know which DIFF style of blue light protective glasses you like best in the comments section! I actually really like the bold “Bella” style, but the lenses don’t block as much HEV light as the Premium styles. πŸ™

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

xx, Natalie

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