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I have always enjoyed writing… it’s a cathartic expression of creativity for me. I’m far from the “best” writer, but I am confident enough in my ability that I have become more and more intrigued by the idea of blogging.

I get so much out of the content that other bloggers provide and it has inspired me to start my own blog in this tiny little corner of the internet. That being said, it surprises me that even in this age of social media and ever growing technological advances that I still have trouble finding detailed instructions (that are easy to understand) for tasks around the house that I find completely daunting! I want to share my experiences, discoveries, successes (and #totalfails ) with you in hopes that your life becomes a little easier.


A little about me: I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (specifically Seattle) with my husband and our senior pup, “Bert”. I actually enjoy the overcast, misty drizzle climate in Seattle (I’d take snow over beaches any day!), I’ve never turned down an opportunity for guacamole and margaritas, I can’t whistle to save my life, and I have a mild obsession with weddings.

Since we’re getting to know each other, I’d love to hear a bit about you! Tell me about yourself and if you have ever had trouble finding a good tutorial for a task you needed to accomplish!

xx, Natalie

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