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Oh, Baby! We’re Having a…

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We went in for our anatomy ultrasound at the beginning of the month (which is a routine checkup on the baby and their growth) and as the baby has developed their reproductive parts by this time, you are able to determine the gender of the baby during this appointment! Of course, with modern medicine, now you can get a DNA blood test as early as 10 Weeks to see what the baby’s gender is much earlier than the anatomy scan (which happens at 20 Weeks), but I thought it would be more exciting to find out as part of this appointment when we could actually see the baby! Part of me was so impatient that I was tempted to do the blood test, but this way seemed a little bit more “fun” and my husband could be there for the appointment so we’d find out together!

As far as our gender guesses go, my husband was convinced that we were having a girl and I felt like we were having a boy. There were no real reasons for either of our predictions; just “feelings” that we had and, honestly, we would both be very happy with either gender!

Curious to know which of us predicted correctly??

HE or SHE —
what will our little sweetheart be?

We’re having a baby girl!

This news was the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift!
My husband and I are both planners so now that we know the baby’s gender we can really get cracking on all of the baby prep we need to do! I still want to keep most of the nursery decor neutral, but now we can make decisions on an accent color and theme.
Additionally, I personally think that knowing a little bit more about your baby helps you to bond with them while they are still in-utero; if you have a name picked out, you can start calling them by their name! While we haven’t picked a name for Baby Girl yet we’ve been trying a few out and there are definitely some top contenders. 🙂 I can’t wait to introduce her!

I also wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet messages of congratulations regarding our pregnancy announcement last month — we’re obviously very excited about our little peanut and we love sharing this journey with you!
I can’t believe we’re halfway through this pregnancy already… I’m sure that toward the end of this journey I won’t feel the same way, but right now time sure feels like it’s flying.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sending hugs!
xx, Natalie


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  1. Yayyyyyy!!! We’re crazy happy for you guys. A June girl is perfection. Congratulations!!

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