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It’s Time to Spill the Beans…

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We have a baby brewing!

This is probably the hardest secret that we have ever had to keep and absolutely the highlight of an otherwise insane year! I have always wanted to be a mom so it’s been amazing to have this dream finally come into fruition. We’ve been discussing growing our family for the past couple of years, but the timing just hasn’t been quite right… until now!

Being pregnant is a large part of why I haven’t been posting as much over the past couple of months… I’ve just been feeling nauseous on-and-off every day and completely fatigued even when trying to accomplish normal daily tasks so adding blogging into the mix just wasn’t happening. Thankfully, I’m finally feeling more like myself again and I’m looking forward to returning to a semblance of “normal” in the new year as I am now in my second trimester. 🙌🏼

This is my first pregnancy, so everything has been a completely new experience and I’m looking forward to sharing everything with you as we go along!

We’re so very excited for this new addition to our family!

Happy New Year, friends!

xx, Natalie

A huge thank you to Blue Rose Photography for capturing all of our major life milestones! (We can’t recommend them enough!)


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