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A Versatile Black Jumpsuit

I have recently been looking at adding [yes, another] jumpsuit to my wardrobe, mostly for versatility’s sake. I already own an ultra-casual black jumpsuit (which is made of jersey cotton and feels like pajamas), some fun, colorful / patterned jumpsuits, and a black strapless jumpsuit that’s pretty dressy, but I don’t have anything that is really able to be dressed up / down to be worn for various occasions. Needless to say, I’ve been on the hunt for just the right piece and I think I’ve finally found it!

The main reason that I pulled the trigger on this jumpsuit purchase was because I had been invited to assist two darling friends of mine with an event that they were hosting and they requested that I wear black. I wanted to look stylish and professional, but not too formal for this particular event and immediately knew which piece would fit the bill!

Target has always been a great place to find affordable staples and this time was no different. I was looking at a few other similar (and great quality!) options here, here, and here, but ultimately decided that I preferred the length and cut of this jumpsuit by A New Day at Target. I know that the material on this jumpsuit isn’t sustainable (which I was super bummed to discover), BUT I will get so much use out of this jumpsuit that I felt less bad about my purchase (and for $29.99, you really can’t beat it!). I’m also super happy that I happened to fall in love with the least expensive item rather than the most expensive, the latter of which is usually the case for me! haha
It’s not too low-cut, but also isn’t hyper-modest either. I love the pant length (I’m 5’8″, for reference) with a hem that hits just above my ankle bone so that my shoes aren’t totally hidden beneath the pant legs. The jumpsuit features deep pockets (!!!) and loops on either side of the waist to hold up a removable belt which can be tied however you like, but I am always partial to a bow. 😉The material feels almost crepe-y so it flows nicely, is wrinkle-resistant, and isn’t itchy or the least bit see-through! One of the best parts is that it fits my fairly long torso comfortably (no riding up in the crotch! 🙌🏼). My ONLY gripe is that there is no side zipper and the elastic waist isn’t super forgiving when going over my hips so getting the jumpsuit on and off isn’t the easiest, but once it’s on it fits like a dream! Given this information I would say that it runs true-to-size, but just keep the elastic waist situation in mind; if you’re unsure, I’d recommend going into your local Target to try it on OR order both your normal size and the next size up to try on at home, returning the one that doesn’t work for you. 😊

I also want to take a sidebar here and say that this was my first time utilizing Target’s “Pick Up In-Store” option, which literally couldn’t have been easier. I purchased the item(s) that I wanted online with the typical checkout process, but selected “In-Store Pickup” instead of shipping and essentially had them “reserved” to pick up on my next Target run, which, let’s be honest, wasn’t going to be too far off in my future anyway… lol! Upon arriving at the store, I walked over to the Customer Service desk (at my nearest Target there’s a dedicated line just for Online Order Pickups!), showed them my ID and they handed me a bag containing my item(s) – sooo easy! I might start doing that for all of my Target shops going forward. 🤣

I was originally planning to wear the jumpsuit as-is to the event I was helping with (and I totally could have!), but then I reviewed the weather forecast and decided it would be a good idea to add another layer for warmth. I originally wanted to wear a cardigan over the jumpsuit, but none of my cardigans were quite right for the event (too cropped, too casual, too colorful, etc). I decided to try a trick I have seen style bloggers use — tucking a pullover sweater into the front of a jumpsuit’s belt (SO genius)! Luckily, I already own a black pullover sweater (which I love so much that I own it in like 8+ colors — I’m not kidding) that was just fitted enough, but also created a bit of a “blousy” effect at the waist when front-tucked. In person, the shades of black on the sweater and the jumpsuit are basically identical so it totally worked! I added my pair of Native black d’Orsay flats (knowing I would be running around and on my feet all day), threw on my favorite pair of gold bangles and set off!

Honestly, the possibilities are pretty much endless with this jumpsuit, especially with a basic color like black. You can choose just about any outer layer that you want to wear over it (a denim jacket, blazer, leather jacket…), use any color sweater or cardigan over the top (just make sure that the pullover sweater isn’t sheer or else you will have a weird shadow outline of the jumpsuit neckline showing from underneath), layer tops underneath (tees, turtlenecks, collared button-down knits), and pair any variation of the aforementioned with basically any kind of shoes… booties, heels, sneakers, loafers, mules, flats, sandals, etc.
Talk about a blank [fashion] slate! It’s such an easy piece to dress up or down, depending on what the situation calls for. I absolutely love this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile jumpsuit to add to their wardrobe!

To get your creative style juices flowing, I’ve included a few images below of some outfit inspiration options that I love. I specifically chose these outfits because all of the other clothing items are pieces already in my closet (with the exception of the leather jacket… I’m passively looking for one)! I created these outfits within the StyleBook App, which I reference daily to help me pick out what to wear – Cher Horowitz style!

Happy shopping!

xx, Natalie

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